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  1. I have a 03 gt that I want to swap a 03 cobra cluster into. I tried to look up a write up about it but couldn't find anything. Will it plug in the same way my stock one does or would I need a different harness? I know the cobra one comes with a boost gauge I'm fine with not hooking it up because I'm running a separate gauge for boost . Any information will be appreciated
  2. Will it work? In a sense, yes, but there will be many things to overcome. First off is the GT is a 140mph cluster and the Cobras are 160 and this cannot be recalibrated I think. I had swapped in a cluster from an 01 Cobra in my GT and I had to alter the gear ratio and tire ratio and that threw off the odometer. I should also mention that before even doing that you will need to pull the brains of your GT and swap them over to the faces of the Cobra as the brains of the Cobra cannot be used, PATS will not allow for that.

    I probably would have just gone with a simple overlay from speedhut or there about and you can even customize them with SVT in the logo part just like the Cobras except with no other headaches.
  3. Thanks alot man I was going to buy one but now I'll just try to have one made