Clutch adjustment?


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Jan 23, 2022
I just picked up a 95% complete project car, it's supposedly has a brand new steeda clutch, clutch cable and adjuster. The clutch is progressively grabbing further and further off of the floor. It drives fine until I get into it a bit and then the clutch slips. The car was built a handful of years ago and then slips. Again, the clutch is suspected of having less than 200 miles on it. Any ideas??
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May 15, 2018
So it has a firewall adjuster on the cable?

If the clutch only has a couple hundred miles on it and it’s been slipping that whole time, it may be kinda glazed.


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May 8, 2003
Sounds like the adjustment is too tight and needs to be adjusted properly.

First if it were me I would try to determine what parts I had.. Like what type of cable and quadrant.

Steeda cables are adjustable, and their quadrants tend to be double hook style

Look at the end of the clutch cable at the shift fork and see if it has all thread with adjustment nuts on the end of it. If it does then it is an adjustable cable.

Look under the dash, at the top of the clutch pedal with a flash light and see what clutch quadrant looks like. If it is a white plastic than it is factory, if it is a
silver aluminum finish than most likely Steeda quadrant which generally has two attachment points depending what clutch you use. If you use the wrong "hook" with a none adjustment cable it'll be super tight and stretch the cable making it garbage so if you have a steeda quadrant go to their webpage and read the instructions on which hook to connect your cable to. Do the same if you have an adjustable cable. I can't remember which one is which off hand it's been a long time.


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Sep 5, 2001
Don't believe the person who told you that you 'supposedly' have Steeda cable. Crappy clutch cables give out. They stretch, and then they stretch, and then they stretch some more. Steedas and Maximum Motorsports cables (non-adjustable) are the only ones that don't. My preference is the MM with a firewall adjuster. The steeda, however, works just fine. If yours is actually a steeda cable and it's stretching then one of 2 things must be true: 1) Steeda no longer makes/procures the same design they've had for decades, or 2) defective routing or bad adjustment that bottomed it out has caused the cable to be so stiff it overcame even the Steeda's strength (unlikely). Believe me buddy, or you'll end up chasing problems that are so damned frustrating they'll make you wanna sell the car. I've been there.