Clutch Cable Adjustment

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by from6to8, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. does it matter how much of the adjustment is done at the fork? I have it about halfway or a little more.. I do need to readjust that firewall adjuster again though cause the clutch is releasing too late.
    It seemed today that when adjusting the FW adjuster, the lock nut was trying to turn as I turned the adjuster and the adjuster was harder to turn in either direction than it should of been. I ended up using a screwdriver to turn it. Checking a video a minute ago it seemed I should have pulled the slack out of the cable then adjust the adjuster so will try that in the morning....
    thoughts guys?
  2. I have always maxed out the adjustment under the car before using the FW adjuster. At that point it can be pretty difficult to turn but I haven't had any issues with function.
  3. maxed out as in the nut was how far on the bolt? halfway, 3/4, or? And that ofcourse is tightening on the bolt.
  4. until the threads run out and you have to put a second nut to lock it down
  5. are u absolutely positive lol. On that one vid on youtube the guy said about halfway. It was a pretty professional looking vid. HOw long do your cables usually last you?

    and I assume you mean pretty much all the way exactly till the threads run out?
  6. I leave about 3 threads to be safe and my current cable on my approx 300 rwhp 5.0 has been on for 12,000 miles with regular strip duty. Just my personal experience, no offense taken if you go with the vid! :nice:
  7. i'm gona try what I was doing wrong or correct that first then see how it does. I need to pull the end out of the fw adjuster then turn the adjuster nut in, set at a dime distance between then push cable back in fw and see how it does. Trial and error. Thanks for the reply and one of the ways has to work lol. I mean I have put them on before but just making sure I took the extra time to route it right this time and get it done the best way