Drivetrain Clutch Cable Adjustment

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  1. Hi guys,

    I installed a new clutch cable on my car today because the old system that the previous owner had set up was quite gerry rigged and it wasnt completely disengaging the clutch when I would depress the pedal to the floor to shift. I was instructed that there should be about half an inch to an inch of play at the top of pedal when I go to depress it but it is solid throughout the entire stroke of the pedal. Also, it seems to be engaging when it is about half way up from fully depressed. It has an aftermarket clutch quadrant that appears to be the SR Performance dual hook one and I am using a ford racing non adjustable cable.

    My question is this, if there is a new quadrant on there now is there still that ratcheting feature of the older style. Furthermore, is there anyway that I can adjust this as it is?

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  2. I personally like an adjustable cable..the stock quadrant ratcheted but the aftermarket ones don't. So for me a adjustable cable is the way to go.
  3. You did not state which hook you have it on. I believe the correct one with a non-adjustable cable should be the hook closest to the firewall. However your discription of cable pressure etc, sounded like it's correct.
  4. I do in fact have it on the hook closest to the firewall. So you think that it's not a problem with where it feels like its engaging?
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  5. Thank you for letting me know. Just wanted to clarify that little bit of information.
  6. You're good with that set up :nice:
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  7. I tend to like the FW adjuster, as I like my clutch to engage a little faster than 1/2 way up the pedal. Your setup seems fine.
  8. Glad to hear that!

    I agree but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't preventing it from not completely engaging thereby wearing out the clutch prematurely
  9. As long as the T/O bearing isn't riding on the pressure plate you are fine. Shifts fine and engages ok I assume? No grinding or popping out of gear?

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  10. Ford cable operated clutch systems are designed to have tension on the cable when at rest. That means the throwout bearing always rides on the pressure plate.

    A firewall adjuster is a must have if you have an aftermarket quadrant and a non-adjustable cable. All the aftermarket clutch quadrants do away with factory adjustment mechanism. After the clutch wears a bit, you need to be able to adjust the cable to restore the proper clutch engagement point.

    See Summit Racing - High Performance Car and Truck Parts l 800-230-3030 for the following parts.
    Steeda Autosports 555-7021 - Steeda Autosports Firewall Cable Adjusters - Overview - Steeda firewall adjuster. $40

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  11. Thanks J for clarifying my post. Guess what I was trying to say didn't come across well, which I why I stated I use a FW adjuster.
  12. Yup my loose cable made thw TOB rattle like a tin can being loose. Noticed it a lot in the parking deck, now that it's replaced, cable, fwa it's very quiet and shifts nice and smoth now.
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  13. Looks like I need a firewall adjuster FTW. Thanks for the info guys
  14. Got it all ordered up.