Drivetrain Clutch Cable Issues After New Flywheel And Clutch

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  1. Hello All, I just installed a new flywheel and a new clutch and now the clutch cable wont engage and the transmission wont go into gear... is it possible i might need a new cable.. or do i have to adjust the stock pivot ball / arm to change the angle of the clutch fork.. thanks in advance!!
  2. There should not be any need to adjust the clutch pivot ball with a stock clutch.

    Is your problem the clutch cable will not simply slip into the throwout bearing arm or is it that you can't adjust the clutch to disengage completely?
  3. i cant adjust the clutch to disengage completely...i tried to adjust the nut as forward towards the engine as the it can go and doesn't feel 100% disengaged..
  4. More info...
    Stock cable?? ..or adjustable??
    Stock plastic quadrant?? ..if not what single, double, triple hook quadrant??
    Firewall adjuster??
  5. its an adjustable cable, stock quadrant, i dont think i have a firewall adjuster...
  6. Look at the quadrant and see if the cable is either in a bind, slipped off or the quadrant has cracked.
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  7. You also need to just go ahead and replace that quadrant, it's a timebomb waiting. Inspect that cable and just buy a whole unified kit if it's bad :flag:
  8. The quadrant needs to be replaced if you use any type of aftermarket cable or adjuster. My preference is a Ford Racing quadrant, adjustable cable and Steeda firewall adjuster. The adjustable Ford Racing cable is just as good as the stock OEM cable. It allows a greater range of adjustment than a stock cable with a aftermarket quadrant and firewall adjuster. Combined with the Steeda adjuster, it lets you set the initial cable preload and then fine tune the clutch engagement point to your liking without getting under the car.

    Clutch pedal adjustment with aftermarket quadrant and cable: I like to have the clutch completely disengaged and still have about 1.5” travel left before the pedal hits the floor. This means that I have only about 1” of free play at the top before the pedal starts to disengage the clutch. Keep in mind that these figures are all approximate. When properly adjusted, there will not be any slack in the clutch cable. You will have 4-15 lbs preload on the clutch cable.

    Loosening the cable adjustment nut (throwout bearing arm moves to the rear of the car) moves the disengagement point towards the floor.

    Tightening the cable adjustment nut (throwout bearing arm moves to the front of the car) moves the disengagement point towards the top of the pedal.

    Using a stock OEM cable, firewall adjuster and a single hook quadrant may result in not having any free pedal travel before the clutch starts to disengage. I found this out the hard way.

    A binding clutch cable will make the clutch very stiff. If the cable is misrouted or has gotten too close to the exhaust, it will definitely bind. The binding common to adjustable cables is often due to misplacement of the adjusting nuts on the fork end of the cable. This will also cause the cable to wear and fray. Both nuts should be on the back side of the fork so that the domed nut faces the fork and the other nut serves as jam or locknut to the domed nut.

    See Summit Racing - High Performance Car and Truck Parts l 800-230-3030 for the following parts.

    Ford Racing M-7553-B302 - Ford Racing V-8 Mustang Adjustable Clutch Linkage Kits - Overview - Cable and quadrant assembly $90

    The Ford Racing Adjustable cable is available as a separate part:
    Clutch Cable, Adjustable, Ford, Mercury, 5.0L, Kit FMS-M-7553-C302_HE_xl.jpg

    Steeda Autosports 555-7021 - Steeda Autosports Firewall Cable Adjusters - Overview - Steeda firewall adjuster. $40


    Fix for the quadrant end of the cable popping out of the quadrant when installing a replacement cable courtesy of Grabbin' Asphalt
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  9. Re visit your clutch install too... lay under the car and use your foot to depress the fork, make sure it's disgusting engaging fine