CLutch cable routing

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  1. Anyone have good pics of the route the clutch cables takes down to the bellhousing? I'm installing mine and since it was an AOD car i am not sure how it should route

    DO i pass it through the k-member where the steering shaft is? Or does it go somewhere else? Pics please?

    Also, when i hook the cable on, i understand there will be tension right? I'll need to use a prybar to hook it up? Should there always be pressure on the pressure plate then?
  2. I just tried to get a pic and my digital cam died. It's dark outside and I can't see it very well to describe it. If you can wait till tomorrow, I'll try again.
  3. WIth stitches in my hand from dropping the t-5 on it....i can def wait :)
  4. Ouch.:eek: What happened? It rolled off the jack?
  5. Yup, was about to bolt it onto the bellhousing and it slipped. Silly me tried to catch it.

    4 hours in the emergency room today covered in grease, trans fluid and blood...not a happy camper.
  6. Well, at least you protected the trans from cracking when it hit the floor.
  7. Anybody? I wanna route this thing today?

    Does it pass by the engine mount? Or go through the steering box near the shaft? Or does it pass through the k-member elsewhere??
  8. I was pretty sure it passed through the K member next to the engine mount, so I searched and found this pic (of a disgustingly filthy engine bay) that shows the routing.


    It should always have a little preload on it, too.
  9. After searching for an hour or so, i've found that most pics were old and no longer work.

    But I found some description that is what your pic shows

    I guess it loops around the engine mount and then runs into the bellhousing along the oil pan?

    While i'm here, does anyone know what size bolt bolts this to the frame rail? Is it just a large self tapping screw?
  10. I can't get in and get a good pic with my camera. However, what you are describing is that it looks like to me.
  11. yikes!!!

    don't use a jack with the t5. It only weighs 70 pounds..just bench press it in.

    There are ONLY two ways you can route the cable. The factory way is to the LEFT of the motor mount and right on top of the steering rack, then under the car to the bell. This will allow you to bolt the cable bracket to the fenderwell area.

    You can also route it UNDER the motor mount, inbetween the motor mount and the k member, then back to the bell. This will work fine, although you won't be able to bolt that bracket down..which really isn't a big deal

    As well, the pressure plate has a constant preload on it with the throwout bearing. The goal is to adjust the clutch until it grabs an inch or two, or less than halfway in in it's travel. you don't want it to grab RIGHT off the floor...that's too loose and not enough preload. Up top, be sure it's a little spongy..aka play in the clutch pedal. If you bounce your foot lightly on the clutch pedal, it'll naturally stop bouncing right at the point of disengagement. Adjust the clutch so that it has some play before that actual engagement point.

    Sucks about your hand. My bro was yanking a cam out of a 351w, and it fell out and nearly cut off two of his fingers.The hospital bill cost him more than the block did.