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  1. Hi guys just a quick question My clutch cable seems to be stretched pretty badly I don't have money for anything other than just the cable. I was wondering when I buy a new cable it should be the correct size right? It shouldn't be longer than oem and require anything to adjust them?
  2. Depends on what brand you buy. My cable is on its way out, i feel it stretching also and it's 10years old. It's the Frpp one with an aluminum quadrant. But the top ones I believe are the Steeda set up and the OEM cable with a fire wall adjuster.
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  3. Yea because I don't have the cash for the whole set up I'm wondering if the cable alone will get it back to the stock feel
  4. Still have the stock plastic quadrant? Do the clutch adjustment first before considering any other problems. With the stock plastic quadrant and cable, pull up on the clutch pedal until it comes upward toward you. It will make a ratcheting sound as the self adjuster works. To release to tension of the stock quadrant, use a screwdriver to lift the ratchet paw up and out of engagement with the quadrant teeth.
  5. Yea I've done that already quadrant seems fine and its set up to the tightest setting
  6. chances are your stock plastic quadrant needs replacing, as the teeth tend to break/wear down. Try to adjust it as Jrichker advised. If that doesnt work, buy a new cable- IMO, only go with steeda or MM, along with a firewall adjuster. Spend the extra few bucks and do it right the first time.

    LMRS sells the Steeda one and offers stangnet members a discount. PM Jarrod for the discount code.
  7. From my experience. For the clutch cable, it's OEM Ford or nothing. I use the OEM For one in everything from "old man" Mustangs to full blown track cars. My 04 gets a new one every clutch change.
  8. What makes you feel as if the cable is stretched?

    Just hate to see you spend money on something that is not the issue. Does it slip? Is the grab point low? Has it always been like this? Is it an original cable?
  9. OneFine88 is offering a free one on here if you cover shipping fwiw
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  10. ^^^^ just about to type that, then he could get a different quadrant, that's a time bomb just waiting. When mine went out, i was getting off the interstate down shifting :doh:
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