~Clutch chatter~

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MustangGTee, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. I recently bought a '95Gt with 85k on it. The clutch wasn't bad, except for some chatter, but I decided to replace it anyway. 1st time, I resurfaced the flywheel, and bought a basic aftermarket clutch kit. Well, it still chattered. Everyone said...'replace the flywheel'.. so I did, with an aftermarket one, also with another fresh aftermarket clutch kit. This time, chatter PLUS vibration! Turns out the flywheel wasn't balanced right. 3rd time's a charm? This time I went to my local speed shop and got a Ford Racing flywheel and H.D. clutch setup. Inside the clutch kit is a note saying that a slight chatter or grab is normal for the first 500 miles of break in. Hmmmm. I did new u-joints while I was under there too. Overall, a nice improvement, but still horrendous chatter in reverse, and mildly when taking off. AGGGHRRR! I'm stumped. The fork had minimal wear, I replaced the cable with an adjustable, and the mounts all appear to be in great shape. Should I just wait out the 500 miles and hope it smoothes out?? I know others have had this problem...is there a common solution?? Thanks for the input !!!!!!
  2. Many aftermarket clutches do chatter until they are broken in. My SPEC Stage one was bad for the first few hundred miles, after that it's been fine. Give this one a chance first.

  3. Thanks!! I don't drive it often, so getting up the 500 miles may take a month or two ...hehe. But I feel more at ease knowing that others actually have dealt with the same ordeal and pulled thru.Thx. ~B~
  4. lemme know what u think of that HD clutch from ford after the first couple miles cuz I just got one and have heard some sketchy reveiews...
  5. has anyone found out how to stop this yet? I'm 2 trips to the tranny shop deep. 2 resurfaces, new clutch, new fork & pivot, and still a shuttering car...has stayed good for about 2 weeks after work is done, then back to it.
  6. I installed a Spec I, t/o bearing, and resurfaced the flywheel a few months ago and have had no chatter at all. I only have 300 miles on it. The chatter will probably go away after it's broke in. I've noticed my clutch still smells after normal driving.

  7. Yeah, it's definately broken in by now, maybe I need a new flywheel. I think the last guy that looked at it resurfaced with sandpaper or the flywheel is warped. It was always fine until I got the TOB replaced and had the King Cobra put in @ the same time (which I've heard nightmares about). Most annoying **** EVER
  8. LOL Mine chatters cuz I burned the resurfaced flywheel clutch cable got messed up so when pushing to ingauge the clutch it was not disengauging all the way so it was rubbing on the flywheel :(. It only really does it on a hill but its starting to get a little better LOL.