Drivetrain Clutch Disengagement Issue


New Member
Dec 14, 2018
United States
So to get this started I have a 2000 Mustang V6 That since I bought it has always had the clutch never fully disengage. When I bought it it was stock with a worn out plastic quadrant and a stock cable. The bolt on the left side of the clutch was loose so the first thing I did was push my clutch pedal up about 3/4 inch and tighten the bolt. I thought this would give me the travel I needed to release the clutch completely. This did not work. I then replaced my cable with an adjustable one and installed a billet quadrant. This did not help either. I decided to put an absurd amount of preload on my TOB with the cable adjuster just to see what would happen but it still would not disengage. After this I put my car on jack stands to test it. The clutch during a full press is engaged enough to turn my rear wheels 1.53mph. Can anybody tell me any things I missed? I don't want to dump money on a new clutch only to find the same problem again.
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