Drivetrain Clutch Disengagement Problem

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  1. Hey guys, im new to this forum and hope im posting this in the right spot. Anyways i recently finished my auto to 5 speed swap on my 1998 mustang gt. I installed an exedy stage 2 clutch and a spec aluminum flywheel. The shift fork is new along with the cable, and im using the throw out bearing that came with the clutch. I finished everything up, started the car, and the car goes into gear up on the stands but i cannot for the life of me get the clutch to disengage. Could it be that im using two different brands of clutch and flywheel? Any ideas would be great because at this point im out of ideas :bang:
  2. Any thoughts? Still have no idea
  3. Do you know for a fact the trans in in good working order? Clutch flywheel brands shouldn't matter. While not the safest means on the jack stands have you tried to just drop into first without the clutch to see if it goes into gear or just put it in gear with the car not running and try and roll the rear wheels by hand? Sounds like could be an install issue
  4. Just thought......did you adjust the cable with the auto ratchet adjuster on the pedal? Do you have an adjustable quadrant on firewall? Perhaps the cable is too tight or bound up in the depressed pedal position?????......
  5. I wonder if the clutch fork came off of the pivot ball...I know its pretty sensitive and likes to slide off until you get the cable on there...

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  6. yes i adjusted the cable with the stock ratcheting system.....still nothing. I ordered a spec clutch to match my spec flywheel, so hopefully that will fix it. Anyone need a brand new exedy clutch? lol