Clutch In To Do Koer?

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  1. Got a scanner today. When I do koer is it supposed to be running in neutral w clutch pressed? How how bout koeo, in neutral as well?
  2. Always neutral, I never step on the clutch pedal.
  3. Thanks
  4. You'll get a code 67 when you leave the clutch out.

    I do my tests clutch in, I just like to see 11's
  5. 11's?
  6. Unless you have an issue in the NGS circuit on the Transmission or NSS circuit on the clutch switch, you should not get a code 67 with the clutch up and Transmission in Neutral. You pushing the clutch down sends the same signal to the ECM as having the Transmission in Neutral. You dont have to do both, as just having the Transmission in Neutral will cancel out the fact that the clutch is up.
  7. 11 is a systems pass code. If you have eliminated things like the Smog system, you can have codes pertaining to them but do not effect the cars drivability in any way. So just because you dont get a code 11, doesnt mean there is a problem in that instance.
  8. Thanks my man. Car is running ok I just got one to add to the ole tool belt