[clutch issue] YAY!!! :D- Fun Stuff

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  1. ok, So I was driving back to work after lunch on Monday, and about 100 feet to go, and the car start to "scream" it was coming from the tranny, then it felt like I lost about 100 HP, and there was a grinding feel whenever I would step on the clutch. When I arrived, smoke poured from the "engine" area. fun stuff eh? :D :bang: :nonono:
    took it to mechanics, said I snapped something in my clutch??? :shrug:
    Just wanted to let you know, anyone have this?
    BTW: mechanic will steal about 500 for the job :nonono: :mad:
  2. Ouch, guess you blew the clutch. I hope if they're charging you 500 bucks they are atleast putting in something other than the stock clutch again. Thats alot of money
  3. err, wait, I think he said that it will be 500 bucks if he has to replace the flywheel as well. a bit less if he can salvage it
  4. ouch!!! well obviously the clutch needs replacement just go with a stiffer better clutch and i just just have the fly wheel swapped out too
  5. or have i resurfaced
  6. 500 is actually not a bad price. I was quoted 700 from 5-6 different place when looking for mine. they calculate it on 4-5 hours of labor. ended up getting it free because we had to pull the motor anyway lol.
  7. do it yourself all you need is jack stands, a clutch alignment tool (7 bucks from pep boys)and some hand tools.. and get a transmissoin shop to resurface the flywheel
  8. Ya I would too. My clutch brew few month back, and I did myself. It took me a while, But in the end, It was good experience and my bond with my girl is even tighter now.
    Its really not that hard. Its just time consuming..
  9. ok, so I got it done, he managed to salvage the flywheel, he replaced the clutch, pressure plate, And the "bearing?" , turns out that the bearing had lost all its little "cylinders".
    anyways, paid him 450- took him all day, one thing, when I got the beast back, the clutch was soo much softer, I am not complaining, but is it supposed to be like that? the clutch was really stiff before, I always thought is was supposed to be like that, was it?
  10. Pilot bearing, it goes in the end of the crank :nice:

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