Drivetrain Clutch Issues

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  1. Need some help here guys i have my clutch not disengaging all the way i have a triple hook quadrant and a firewall adjustment. triple hook is right in the middle and both the clutch fork adjustment and firewall adjustment is adjusted all the way in and with the clutch pedal to the floor its still not disengaging all the way. Im thinking that the pivot ball might have been adjusted out by me and not putting it back. Anybody think of what it could be?
  2. New cable? Stock routing?
  3. Sounds like you need to adjust the Firewall adjuster out.
  4. Yeah stock routing as far as i can see and the quadrant cable and adjuster are all bbk @stykthyn you happen to have a pic of the stock routing?
  5. The firewall adjust is fine adjustment and its all the way out
  6. What cable did you use? BBK?
  7. Then use front hook on the quadrant.
  8. Yes bbk and thats what i was thinking that wont cause binding issues will it?
  9. You'll need to loosen the cable at trans. Then run the firewall adjuster all the way. Hook on the front hook of the quadrant. Then adjust like normal.
  10. and get either a steeda or MM cable. Trust me on this.
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  11. Anybody have a pic of how the cable should be routed?
  12. For the record, I think you have a UPR quadrant. Specially if its a triple hook. BBK doesnt make a triple hook that I know off. So basing my assumption on it being a UPR quadrant. And you having an adjustable cable, you definitely need to use the top hook. Middle hook is for non-adjustable cables.

    Sorry, I dont have a routing picture for the cable.
  13. Under/by the oil pan back over the crossmember up by the dipstick and then by the MC. If it is an aftermarket cable you may have to loop it as it is longer than the stock one.

    Pulled these off the net...



  14. No its only a double hook i just went under there lol
  15. MM Cable ASAP

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  16. So found i wasnt on the top hook on the bbk quadrant so hopefully i will be able to pull the car out and test real quick
  17. So that was my issues i was on the wrong hook put it on the top hook now its all adjusted and working well now thanks for everyones help @stykthyn @liljoe07 @mikestang63
  18. Glad you got it all figured out
  19. Cool Deal!