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  1. on my 98gt i have to push the clutch all the way to the floor before it will disengage and am able to shift as in sometimes i have to ram it down. took it to a local shop and had a look. the clutch kit looks new. the guy at the shop said it has a heavy pressure plate could not make out the brand with out pulling the trans out. so i thought that cable had streteched a bit so i tried to use the stock adjuster to no avail was maxed out. the clutch pedal is aprox 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the rest of the pedals which looks odd as well. could the cable stretch this much without breaking? any thoughts?
  2. mine was completely stretched out. Went with a steeda cable, quad and firewall adjuster. Price wise its not to bad. Just shop around both American Muscle and Late model restoration have stuff you can look at. LMR has free shipping now too! AM does as well
  3. Give our sales team a call. They will be able to help out in any way that they can. 254-296-6500.
  4. well finally got around to changing the clutch cable and still dose the same thing. one thing i noticed was there was about 1 1/2 to 2 inch play in the clutch fork. would this be a bad sign if a bad pressure plate problem?
  5. also had a few more questions if you guys can help me out. when i bought this car (bout a month ago) i did not and still dont much about the 4.6 so if you guys can help me out i would be greatful.

    rear gears. at 65 the rpms are 2121 hand held scaner helped me to pin down the rpms . guessing 373?
    the injectors are a orange color 24lb?
    the oil filler is on the passanger side not on the driver side like i have seen on the other 98gt's
    will post pics today when there is enough light
    2012-02-24142228.jpg 2012-02-24142254.jpg 2012-02-24142317.jpg 2012-02-24142345.jpg 2012-02-24142456.jpg 2012-02-24142516.jpg 2012-02-24142531.jpg
  6. added pics!
  7. You have PI heads at least. Those Windsor heads are from 99 and '00 GT's.

    Is your clutch cable routed correctly? Mine seems to loop more I think.
  8. You do indeed have 3.73s
  9. i put it in the same as the other one was. the stock adjuster is all the way adjusted was hoping it was a bad cable but now i am thinking it is the clutch/flywheel. guess i am gonna have to tear it apart and see what the problem is. upon a closer look at the intake the water neck looks as if it has had a bung welded to it for the other temp sensor/switch. just happy i dont have to do the PI swap. bought the car for 2800 has a few miles 123k but not too bad talked the guy down from 4500. just have to figure out the clutch and have a tune put in. anyone one in the dfw/ft. worth area know of a good tuner?
    talked to Manny from HPP racing in lewisville he said 400 for the dyno tune.
  10. sweet another thing i dont have to do!
  11. That wield on the thermo housing is for the 2nd temp sensor that the 96-98s had. When you switch to the PI intake (99-04) they did not use a 2nd sensor so thats why that wield was added. See if you can get an elbow for that right side valve cover. That rubber hose is gross haha.

    But you got that care for a steal even with the miles. Have fun!
  12. lol i see that now will have to replace that!
  13. ok went to change the clutch today and BEHOLD problems! stock 98gt release bearing didnt fit.was a tad too small. maybe it was boxed wrong will see tomarrow. took some pics. looks like i am gonna have to name this stang.frankinstang. nothing seems stock.
    cobra flywheel

    rear CS cover crosses to a 5.4??

    old clutch number crosses to a 01-02 cobra

    new clutch stock 98gt splines match but smaller

    cobra PP 01-02?

    stock 98gt PP

    t45od i hope

    the questions are.

    would the clutch(which did not look in bad shape)cause all my problems? the release bearing was toast so it was a good thing i tore it down.
    still had to jam the pedal all the way down to shift and it barely did that. there was approx 1 1/2 inch play between the release bearing and the pressure plate. if i am posting too many pics let me know and will stop. thanks guys
  14. yup you have a t-45
  15. thanks man
  16. Did you hear any noise before you changed the clutch ? I have the same car and came stock with 2:73 gears, I put 3:73 gears and changed the drive gear in the tranny