Drivetrain Clutch Q -Which to choose?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TOOLOW91, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Doing a clutch in my car along with the rear. I really want to run a Centerforce Dual friction but with Christmas coming money is a little tight. I seen AM has an Excedy Mach 400 stage 2 clutch for 238.99. Anyone use this clutch? Car is mainly street driven. I don't want it to have a super stiff clutch but I want the option to grow in power. Car is mainly a street toy. May see some track time eventually but all in all will remain strictly a street car.
  2. I love the CF...
    I have never used one, but the so called "King Cobra" clutch seems to get good reviews for price and function.
  3. I may just suck it and buy the CF because i love the pedal feel and how much it bites, i have driven king cobra clutched cars and my leg always bothered me after
  4. I run a King Cobra. It works good. Nice pedal feel.
  5. Is that the equivalent to the ford racing clutch now ?
  6. Do waste money on king cobra. Go ahead and get a centerforce dfx
    Best ever had.
  7. My bro has a king cobra... Not impressed.. Spend the extra money it didn't last very long with 300rwhp either.. Just replaced it with centerforce
  8. 390 later the dual friction is on its way
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  9. great choice!! dont skimp on bearings buy a FRPP throw out bearing FRPP roller pilot bearing well worth the extra cash ive had a CF DF in my car for almost 2 years and i havent had to make one adj yet. Soft pedal and holds my almost 400rwhp, i bought the upgraded one has a little more holding force at racemart its the same price 370 as the lesser model sold at summit jegs etc
  10. Let us know how you like it. I got mine because my transmission builder advised me that ones that hit hard are what breaks T5's. He suggested that a King Cobra works well and has just enough slip when it hits to save the trans, especially with slicks or drag radials. I will tell you that with the new bearing retainer and fork etc, it pushes easier than a Honda.
  11. The CF doesn't hit hard.
    It is very soft.
    The trick to the holding power of the CF is the counterweights.
    It eases into operation, then as the rpms rise, the clamping force rises.
    It would seem to me to be the perfect clutch for a marginal tranny.
  12. My buddy has the same setup i am going to have in his 91 including the MM cable and adjuster etc and let me tell u it is like butter with a new fork and all , I CANNOT WAIT!
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