Clutch Question...what Would You Do?

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  2. Thanks for the compliment!
  3. They'll have to change the fluid seeing as they need to drain it when the DS comes out. Unless they catch it and put it back in... that would be fine for fluid you know is fresh but not old fluid...

    For an 03, give them 3.2 quarts of Pennzoil Synchromesh to put in. Avoid any Royal Purple products like the plague and also any synthetic trans fluids. 3650s do not do well with full syn trans fluid. I have Synchromesh in my 3650 and it shifts damn near as well as my fresh T-5 did in my old 5.0 and a million times better than the TKO I had a few years ago...
  4. You can get a tranny plug at Advance, Harbor Freight, ect.
  5. Ya ive always been told that when the transmission is being taken out pretty much anything that hasn't been replaced in a while should be replaced. im actually about to have to drop some money to pull the transmission out to replace the pressure plate and clutch myself
  6. I'm doing it tomorrow. 3rd time the trans will be out in as many months. 1st time was to swap it, 2nd time was because the TOB I used started to make noise and on the 2nd time I pulled the trans a piece of the clutch disc flaked off and now its chattering/slipping... tomorrow an 11" Exedy Mach 400 is going in along with a new Pilot/TOB/Flywheel and 3.2 quarts of fresh fluid.
  7. Well, it's all fixed now. I had the wrong flywheel as well so they ordered a correct one. They did change the fluid too without me asking. The bill came out to be a bit more than anticipated but it is all done now. The clutch pedal seems a little lighter than before to push in but while holding it in, it's certainly strong. I'm glad it's all done.
  8. Good to hear its done. Nothing like having a fresh clutch that bites HARD when you dump it. I'm almost up to 500 miles on the new Exedy I put in on the 16th and I love it. Hopefully it wasn't TOO much $$... shops love to murder ppl with labor rates and whatnot for anything transmission related. One reason I always DIY but if I didn't have access to a lift there would be no way I'd want to tackle it.