Clutch Suggestions Please!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Tockie, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,I need some advise. I am an AOD to T5 swap. In the last year I have had surgery on both my hips ( had bone shaved on both and left labrum repaired) I am looking for advise on a clutch, I need something strong but not to hard to push. Any help/advise would be appreciated.
  2. King Cobra
  3. Agreed UPR has a KC kit that's hard to beat

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  4. Hydraulic
  5. Agreed. King cobra
  6. King Cobra or Centerforce
  7. I have a center force which I really like. But make sure you lube up the cable.
  8. Ram hdx clutch
  9. Never lube up the cable, theyre already teflon lined. Lubing cables traps grit and dirt and will destroy the cable over time.

    Ram hd clutch is best for all around use...I do believe the king cobra has been discontinued...

    If you want ease..the centerforce dual friction has the lightest pedal effort hands down.

    Dont bother with a hydraulic wont be any lighter or more reliable than the cable setup

  10. What he said x2. Get either a MM or Steeda clutch cable and firewall adjuster.
  11. ^And having a metal cable saw back and forth inside a Teflon lined tube wouldn't destroy the cable over time? Everything that moves will destroy over time. Teflon has a low coefficient of friction yes, but I've been told and felt lubricated clutch cables and it helps quite a bit. Choosing what you lubricate with is where you need to be smart. I've heard of lithium grease, wd40, motor oil, some powder stuff. Sure, it could trap some grit and such inside, but if it is still lubricated, then it shouldn't really matter.

    Just my opinion.
  12. McLeod RST twin disk. Lightest pedal I've felt, very easy to modulate great feel.
    I also have the MM cable, quadrant and adjuster.
    This clutch combo sits behind a very high strung .675 lift solid roller 306... that my wife (who is a girly girl) drives.
    I've driven the King Cobra and the Centerforce. The McLeod is in a different league... and price range unfortunately.

  13. No, not really...ive had several fox mustangs all at 200k give or take on original untouched clutch love to see a lubed up cable go 200k..the wear points are not within the sheath typically...unless you introduce a foreign substance...when these cables go out, 90% of the time its near its connection point at either side.
  14. When i had less power, i always used a centerforce pressure plate with a motorsport disc. Pedal was so light that the first time i tried it i almost smashed the pedal through the floor.

    With that said, i was told back a few years that the ford racing king cobra kit, centerforce made the pressure plate, so...
  15. King Cobra always worked well for me
  16. Another King Cobra clutch user here, works great. Got mine through CJ Pony Parts.....who actually has them built by Astro Performance. Great clutch, stock like pedal feel, good holding power.