Clutch talk

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  1. My stock clutch has 115 000ish (71000ish miles) on it. I dont really notice it starting to slip that i can remember....its been 5 months since i last drove it. It seemed to work fine then.

    Im just wondering, im doing a tork tech build and i am expecting to put 420rwhp down, should I invest in a new clutch before I go to the dyno?

    If so, which clutch do you recommend? Ive been looking at the RAMs

  2. Stock Clutch is what you need. I am running 407/420 on a stock SACHS replacement. Costed me $100 from rock auto.
  3. I run the RAM Powergrip. Easy pedal and holds my Vortech 380/378 just fine. I have been impressed with its ease as a DD clutch too, it isn't completely on/off like Spec and other brands are. I also have a MM OEM clutch cable and their quadrant and FWA too.
  4. +1 on the RAM powergrip. i do have a little bit of chatter occasionally though.
  5. Would it be a good idea to upgrade? or do you think my current clutch will be fine for a while with 400rwhp?
  6. What else should i order along with clutch if i order one?
  7. pretty much, what im wondering is...will my current clutch be fine to take to the dyno?
  8. Only one way to find out. When I had my mod motor car that made 495 rwhp I ran a mcleod single plate clutch and had not trouble what so ever. If you are worried about it at all then change the clutch. If you have a problem on the dyno with the clutch you are probably going to be charged a second time when you bring it back. As far as the Ram, my brother in laws cobra spun through the ram around 580 rwhp, so for what you're doing that would be a good option as well.