clutch troubles

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by stangerdrew0716, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Hey guyz, I just picked up a 1995 V6 w/ a 5spd. The clutch grabs fine, and i never grind, but sometimes, the clutch will have a very spongey feel to it, and when that happens, i have a very hard time finding the it takes a little extra elbow grease to get the shifter in. I know that American pony cars, aren't as smooth as imports, but i know this is not normal...any suggestions, or ideas as to what is causing the problem??

  2. Yes our cars are notchy. My is too, I got a short throw shifter and then mine got really notchy. I have heard you could try the adjustable clutch quadrant and cable from places like steeda. Although this may or may not help. You just have to cope I think??
  3. If your clutch is not completing disengaging, the transmission synchronizers will take a little effort to throw it into gear.

    I'm using a straight cut, 600hp T-5, and it's even worse.

    I replaced my clutch assemblies with the steeda dual adjustable, along with an adjustable cable, and firewall adjuster.

    Aligned everything and the notchy feeling went away.
  4. That's good to know, cause I'm 99.9% sure mine is coming from the clutch not fully disengaging, It mainly happened after I put the centreforce clutch in, I sometimes can feel it disengaging sloppily. I may have to invest in the quadrant/cable assembly.
  5. replace the cable its probably about time.... it may have alot to do with it, if that doesnt help it very well could be teh quadrent worn out, buy a UPR or steeda quadrent and firewall adjuster, and if you dont want the petal to be super high (cuz you HAVE to adjsut it so that you ONLy have .5 inches of play before you grab with the quadrent, this makes the petal super high) then buy a maximum motorsport height adjuster kit.