Clutch upgrade?

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  1. Hey guys. Was wondering if there are any clutches out there that i should look more into? I want to upgrade my clutch from stock to something that i going to be able to handle somewhere around 400 horses for the future:D . Any suggestions as to what i should go for?
  2. centerforce dual friction :shrug:
  3. IMO, I would say King Cobra or Spec 3 FTW.
  4. spec 3 FTW?? What is that?
  5. Spec 3 will eat your T-5 alive....dual friction is excellent. I run the centerforce stage 2 on mine 315/350 to the wheels and she's holding up nicely with excellent engagement and fairly mild pedal effort.
  6. Ive heard more bad than good about Centerforce. This is the first time I heard anything bad about Spec.
  7. I ordered the King Cobra. Has been holding up well for me. It is stiffer than some of the others, but I don't really mind.

  8. THanks for the feedback!! Keep it coming
  9. the motorsport hd clutch is a good clutch but its pretty stiff. wears your leg out after alot of stop and go in town driving. centerforce dual friction isnt as stiff but has a little pedal effort. the king cobra is about the same pedal effort as the centerforce. had a hays hd clutch in the 84. it was pretty smooth and kept up with me bashing the car all over the place lol.
  10. I'm still on the stock clutch....180,000 Km's
  11. i have a KC and it works great! no sense in getting to strong of a clutch. its best to keep the clutch the weak point in the drivetrain especially with a t5....
  12. I got 146,000k out of my stock clutch :D Now have the king cobra!:nice:
  13. I love my KC. But to each their own.
  14. King Cobra clutch. Keep up. :D
  15. Sorry guys:hail2: im only 17 trying to learn a few things. Thanks for the feedback though!! The People here on Stangnet have deffinitly helped me out so MUCH!!:SNSign:
  16. If you need any help finding a good price, pm me. I just picked up a KC last month and I looked all over the states to find the best price. :nice:
  17. :nice: Thanks really Apreciate it!!!:D