Cms Stage 2.5 Blower Cam Idle

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  1. Sounds mean!
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  2. That sounds really healthy!
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  3. Sounds good with minimal lope. Idle sounds a bit high so that could be why there is little lope. What's the LSA in the cams? Does a stage 2.5 blower cam from CMS, (remember their great NA cams) mean that you're getting the same cams a centri car would get?
  4. The idle is a little high. When I get time away from work im going to set it at 800rpm. I gave cms my setup details and they said these cams would be Perfect for it. Im assuming they are similar to the centri cams . LSA is 114. Ill post another video later of the car at wide open throttle.... sounds different than any other two valve I have ever heard. Hard to say what my gains off the cams were since I added them the same time I did the 4.75 stroker and longtubes but the power curve is definitely flatter and broader than it use to be! It feels like a different animal past 2500rpm than what it use to and will shred the tires all through 3rd :)