cnl Mass air meter

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  1. I just bought a 76mm mass air meter from c&l yesterday for 190 dollars flat. It is the whole kit with the tubing calibrated for my stock 19 lb injectors. I have heard some bad things about cnl but I have also heard others not complain. I bought it with my intake setup completely stock. I have the stock intake with a k&n filter, stock TB and stock intake manifold. What kind of gains will i notice? ANY GAIN??? ANY HORSEPOWER??? I am upgrading to a 65mm throttle body with the new edlebrock performer 2 intake for xmas for myself. But for now I am just gonna add the CnL meter and save up for the rest of the stuff. I know it wont work to the best of its ability till I get the other things, but I wanted to know what I could get with just this on there... And btw I have a 70mm BBK TB for sale for 100 dollars W/O the EGR spacer. IF anyone wants it please leave me a note. I will not pay for shipping if you live out of the area and can't pick it up. sorry.. :flag:
  2. you'll get mixed reviews on this question. some gain a nice bit of hp from the maf meter alone but most will agree that it is due to the leaner a/f ratio's and not so much the added airflow. once you add the tb and intake you'll be glad you have it.

  3. yeah and that intake is gonna KILL u...i suggest that u reconsider that intake...way too big unless u have lieka stroker or BBIG h/c/i 302. it will just hirt u the way u are...if u plan on going bigger in teh future but wanna remain quick for teh time being i suggest a poreted lower by tmoss...and it wont break the bank...i beliece its only a 100...and its not crap as some will will before just as good if not better at your point in teh game. good luck
  4. Yeah ditch that intake, that's for like strokers or well built 302's for you it will do nothing except lose you some hp. Go with a cobra or gt-40 or a t-moss ported stock one.

    ok everything i said was in the previous post lol i can't read
  5. I had no problems w/ me C&L 76 MM Mass air system, after a few days the computer relearnd the new mod and its run smooth since then. The only thing that I have noticed is that on days where theres alot of moisture in the air like a during a cold rain it wants to sputter and not idel well until it is warmed up, after that it is fine. I gained 21 RWHP w/ my C&L System and a Cobra Intake and 15 RW FT LBS of TQ
  6. have heard that some run into trouble with the CnL maf so im gonna go with pro-m.
  7. Yea it seems to be true, My friend bought a c&l mass air meter for his 99GT and after hard acceleration on the highway it would stall everytime. I Have no clue why.
  8. I gotta Pro-M 75 mm MAF if you want to trade up.;)
  9. Hey my cousin's 2002 gt stalls after a hard romp down the road when you come to a stop it'll just stall it's completely stock too. Kinda weird but he used lower octane gas an it seemed to help alot. Could be the same problem your friend is having
  10. my car now has idling problems in the rain when i start it... likes to bounce up and down off of 500 rpm's when it should be idling at 750. This happeneds after I start my car, drive it... then let it sit for about an hour and try to start it up again.. hopefully this will fix that :shrug: But yea, I decided I'll just go with trick flow intake, and later down the road get trick flow heads, and a cam. I am not sure exactly how far that is down the road, but a trickflow intake supports 70mm upper plenum :shrug: that might be too big... but if that's the case I wont need to give away my 70mm TB... oh well. thanks for all the advice
  11. I Have my c&l for over a year and i have not had one problem EVER.
  12. Ive had mine for like 6 months and i have had no problems at all.
  13. Yep, my friends car did that to lol