CnL plenum and Accufab 75mm TB are on!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by sapperstang78, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. If you have not done this mod, do it! One hell of the SOTP difference! Well worth the money. I got mine from I highly recommend them Great price too. :banana: :hail2:
  2. Is there any reason you went with the Accufab 75mm t/b instead of the BBK 75mm t/b?
  3. Because has the plenum and the accufab TB for 379.
  4. how can i tell which of the 2 plenums to get ?

    i have the 1996-mid 2001 steeda pullies.. does that help ?
  5. What he said. Or just go to and look under monthy specials. They have the combo that I bought. It all fit perfect.
  6. Is this just a direct replacement or do you have to purchase other things like a Throttle Position Sensor?

  7. I read in other threads that on N/A cars the C&L did better with the stock T/B. Is that true?
  8. I never heard that... and Ive been following info on this plenum for a while. I think I might buy it tonight actually.
  9. This was in another thread here on Stangnet. I've been looking into this for a while too, but if I can save some money and HP by not getting the T/B then I will!!
  10. It is a direct replacement. Only trouble I had was removing the throttle cables. That is much easier to do once everything is unhooked and unbolted. That way you can turn the plenum over to access the cables better. The screws on the TPS are a royal pain. The accufab TB came with new ones. It is very easy. I will say it again. If you havent done this mod you need to do it! :banana: :nice:
  11. but was that just peak hp? what does the powerband look like? cuz if it lost that on the peak but gained on the average, then i think its worth it.
  12. I gained a rather significant amount w/ all the C&L stuff in the low-mid range while only picking up a few horses in the high end.

    To me, that makes it a very worth while mod, since I don't spend too much time at 4500+

    Although, it did allow my powerband to be spread out and some what flatter than before. From 4100-6000 I'm above 250rwhp, which is nice to me.