Cobra 2003 Bad Points ?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by candoo, May 4, 2013.

  1. Hello to all. I have a 1970 mach but am interested in a 03 cobra with low miles. Have done some internet reading on issues and suprised to find quite a few concerns. Looking for un biased opinion on car as a whole. The one I am looking at is 03 vert aniversary one owner.

  2. I bought an 04 last summer, and have really enjoyed it. The seats are awesome in my opinion, but the factory shifter had to go - reaching for 5th and reverse was something to behold. Sub frames should be mandatory.... Gaining 100 hp was as easy as a pulley, intake tube and tune.... I've also been getting 21 mpg around town with that extra 100 hp.
  3. as a whole awesome..

    ours is a daily driver..90% or more is still original at 340,000 miles..even clutch is original..


    drivers side head..on 3rd head now..

    rear end cover leak..

    ours is stock with exhaust and small handheld bump..ran [email protected],get 20mpg cant ask for more from stock

    other opinion its to small..i feel trapped when having seatbelt on..i like bigger cars ,,,vert might feel different i have coupe