Engine Cobra And Edlebrock Performer Intake Questions

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by stanger9410, May 1, 2012.

  1. I just picked up an Edlebrock performer intake, i will be replacing my Cobra intake on my 94 GT. i wondered if i would be wasting my time until i put better flowing heads on the car. the cobra intake is the only mod i have done along with 24lb injectors, and the MAF to go along with it. when i do the swap i will be deleting the smog pump and everything with that as well as bolting on BBK equal length shorties. so would it benefit me to put the performer intake on now? or wait until i get heads.

    Also what is an authentic Cobra upper worth? its in good shape, has about 10k miles on it. i have an explorer lower with it, i figured that was worth about $50... any help is appreciated.
  2. not to sure but i do not think there is a big performance difference between the cobra and Edlebrock performer intake. I asked about switching the intake on my 94 cobra once and was told its not worth it unless your doing a trickfow or systemax intake upgrade. hope this helps
  3. $50? Really? for a real `94-`95 Cobra upper? You'd be giving it away, really. Upper and lowers together usually go between $250-$350 on ebay and I have seen them at $500. If your going to go through thr hassle of changing your manifold get the one that matches the rpm level you will be using your motor at. If you only need 5300-5500 rpm to match your cam, don't bother with a "Performer", stay with what you have, the gain is minimal. If your looking for 6200-6500+ rpm, get a Performer RPM II, Trick Flow track heat or a Holley Systamax. GT40's/Cobra's are an upgrade over stock and not much more. They flow about 235cfm tops.
  4. I meant $50 for the explorer lower, not the cobra upper ha i figured the upper would bring about $200 i just didnt want to be asking way too much, or get robbed on it. i already picked up a Performer, all it says on it is 5.0, im assuming its a little older. i have yet to check the numbers on it.
  5. You'll get a benifit from the Edelbrock over the Cobra, but it won't be a night and day difference.

    Wait till you get some good heads then throw it on there.
  6. The Cobra intake will flow all the air the stock heads can suck. Wait till you throw some heads on there.