cobra/ cobra R heads for 6 cyl

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  1. hey guys, 1st day here.. and my buddy has a v6 98 mustang. he's looking for a cheap, used/new pair of cobra or cobra R heads. not sure where to post, im just looking for anyone with some information on this, or even who has some for sale... he's in dire need for some to make his mustang faster, and if anyone has any inforamation it would be greatly needed. thanks
  2. ok, there is a parts forum on the main page, but before the flames start, he does realize that heads off of a 4.6L v-8 will not fit on a 3.8L v-6, right?
  3. heh.... what the sleeper said. it'd be a difficult fit since the cobra heads are made for that extra cylinder for each side.... :bang:
  4. Did I miss something are is that guy a little confused about a V6 and a V8 :shrug:
  5. NO he had big aspirtions that is all.
  6. supersix motorsports heads????? that's about as close as he'd get
  7. Should I even comment on this? :rlaugh:

    If your friend is actually serious, tell him to sell the mustang and buy something else because he has no freaking idea what the hell he's talking about :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  8. Civic 4 life!
  9. TECHNICALLY, it could be done because the V-10 Boss 351 was made by welding an extra cylinder worth of head onto Cobra R heads to make it work on the V-10 so you COULD cut one cylinder worth off of each side, however, that doesn't seem cost-effective.

  10. technically i could not be done except for some wierd paralell universe where ricers live and make 500hp from 3 stickers.

    and the mock up heads were welded not the actual heads that were used on the car they were machined from measurements taken from the mockup heads
  11. Kinda like a 4.3L Chevy is basicaly a 350 Chevy. Chevy basicaly choped a few cylinders off but used the same bore and stroke of the 350 in the 4.3L Chevy as well as stuff like the water pumps etc. Umm I wonder if he's not confusing Companies :)
  12. "Unlikely as it sounds, these professional tinkererss got underway by cutting apart some existing 4.6 V-8 sand-casting cores and literally gluing them back together in V-10 form. They repeated this cutting and pasting process on Cobra R head cores..."

    I don't think they actually USED the cut and paste ones, but it is POSSIBLE to do that. Not smart, but possible, nonetheless to make working cut and paste parts. Whether it would be as good as normally manufactured heads is not debatable, but my point was merely that it COULD be done.

  13. Yea sUn! You put some tyte Type R Cobra R heads and take it all dee ways up to 8000 j00! It be V-TECK!!!
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