Fox Cobra "gt40" Intake Us Vs Chinese Help Visual Differences

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  1. For the Cobra GT40 intake --not the tubular- the 93+ one with the offset runners - what are the visual differences? I understand there are huge casting differences in the US vs the Chinese one and Ford changed the production somewhere along the line...

    I know the aftermarket ones have that little extra cobra tag on the neck. But what about the factory installed ones ?

    Forge markings? Dates etc. also I have seen some with a long curved neck and some the typical 5.0. Looking neck...

    It s for my Fox

    Thanks !
  2. Long curved neck is 94-95 version.

    Ford ended production of the 1993 cobra intake in 2003, 10 years after it's release. You got in the box, an actual F3 part number upper intake that was the same as a 1993 Cobra, and a slightly modified 1997 explorer lower intake. Both units contained ford casting marks and ford part numbers.

    The Chinese intakes do not have these numbers. The upper has the extra cobra tag, and the lower will not have the part number of the lower right behind where the distributor is. There is Also a difference in the baffles under the intake for the PCV valve. Ford did supply a fix plate (from the explorer) for owners of the Chinese kit that had oil consumption issues with it.

    To make a long story short...find a 1993-2003 version.
  3. Thanks Mike!! This is what I was needing. So if it has the Ford markings I'm good then? No concerns about poor Chinese sand castings etc?

    I plan to get TW 170 heads so wanted to be sure knowing I'll need to port the lower... (Tmoss most likely) My goal is strong low end / street. In the idle to say 5 k or so...

    I've read about the ACT, EGR etc. so good on that front..

    Now my Newbie question - Is the Cobra intake a direct match to my stock e7 heads?. If it is I was going to replace my valve cover gaskets next few weeks so while I was at it mount the new to me upper and lower cobra intake (if I find a decent one local). Then the TW after that.
  4. The U.S.'s largest export to china is recycled scrap. Saw that on TV the other day
  5. hmmm Are you a long ways away from getting the 170s? Are your valve covers leaking? The reason I ask is if you are getting the 170s fairly soon I would do it all at one time. Save ya from tearing up gaskets and having to take the intake off again.

    To answer your question. The intake will bolt up to a E7 head.

    Good luck.
  6. Thanks old blue. I found the site this morning, That's allot of good info and well written. I really want the tubular but a solid one seems hard to find. So if I can get an F3 Cobra intake instead I'm good. Been original this long so only the best :). Yes I think I should wait till I get the 170s and a custom cam from Ed or someone. But damn I'm back to a love relationship with my Mustang and ya know what happens then.....

    When don't the valve covers leak LOL

    Anyway got a line on what the guy says is f3. So armed with the info ya'll have been kind enough to share. Ill take a look and we will see.
  7. An interesting bit of info.

    I have an aftermarket Cobra intake that I bought used way back in the day (probably around 2001-2002). I never looked if it was a Ford piece or Chinese (did they have the knock offs back then?). My brothers 86 GT has an original Cobra intake off a 1993 Cobra. I always thought his and mine had obvious differences but it's been some time that I looked.

    I will look at my intake tonight, and if a Ford item, I can compare it to a true 93 Cobra intake. Should anyone care.
  8. The Chinese intake didn't appear til 2004 or so
  9. Then I am about 99% certain it's a Ford one. Should that and the 93 Cobra manifold be the same exact product?
  10. Yup. Exact same part other than differences in finish. (When talking about the upper)

    Somewhere under the plenum it will have an F3 part number indicating a 1993 engineering number

    The lower intake in the cobra kit intake is an explorer lower however. Generally the same thing. F6 or f7 part number right behind the distributor. The really early (94-95) cobra intake kits may have gotten an F3 or f4 lower.

    Basically the early ford racing kit used an actual 1993 cobra upper, and then the most readily available GT-40 lower. Vast majority used a 96 explorer lower with the proper holes drilled and tapped.

    Around 2003 ford racing discontinued it, and then brought it back in 2004 or so using the Chinese parts with no part numbers. The lower may even say made in China on the underside. Early ones were poor, they got a little better as they went on, but for the most part, I'd take an explorer intake over a china intake anyday
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  11. Quite the encyclopedia there! I'll have to see what one I have.
  12. Don't the chicom unit have ford racing stamped where the EGR space is also?
  13. Yes, or a flat boss. The uS-made intake just has a rib here.

    Here's the Chinese intake. You can see the flat part where the EGR spacer is. This one says ford racing, but some early ones were blank. Some also didn't use the "correct" cobra decal on the intake and had a poor looking replica

  14. The part number of the rear 1993 upper is rf-f3ze9425-cb

    Most common lower that came with the us-made ford racing kit was p/n RF-F87E-9K461-BA. Cross referenced to a 98 explorer lower. A real 1993 cobra intake off an actual 1993 cobra will use a lower with an F3 part number

    Earlier 1993-1997 kits probably used a different lower. There was an F3, f4 and f5 lower. All the same really, but a good way to identify a Ford made lower vs the Chinese stuff.
  15. This is Awsome!!! I'm gonna print this out and review it before I go tomorrow. He says its original ford. It has the right appearance from what I can tell. Seems like a straight forward guy.

    So I will assume. F3 upper marking and an f3 to f5 lower stamping

    I hope it's real. Have a Fun New Years!!!

    Maybe some nice parts photos tomorrow.
  16. Well Happy New Year!!

    I did purchase the Cobra intake. It has the correct part numbers and Stampings. Upper. RF-F3ZE-9425-CB. Lower RF-F87E-9K461-BA

    Guy had a 306 - 347 stroker All Victor top end and a Dart 427 with TW ported 245s. Sitting in his garage - Hmmm. Wish I had a bigger trunk :)

    Said intake was off his buddy's 95 GT that went carb...he did the swap for him, makes sense since the stampings agree it was a direct ford part installed later.

    It is straight, no porting / grinding, no stress cracks, dings, etc, TB upper bolt hole threads by egr is a little Boogered for the first few threads but bolt goes in clean and holds well. If its an issue at TB install Ill just run it by a machine shop..he had the 65 mm BBK but I passed Want a new 70 mm one for all the obvious reasons....

    I was kinda surprised how rough and sandy the runners looked. It was like 3/4 inch "stream" of sand down each runner along the flow path... you can kinda see it in the TB opening.

    Paid 220 as pictured. I figured with the condition and parts it was a good deal.

    Pictures: posted a few, Thanks for all the advise!

    And oh ya. It is red.... My vert is Scarlet red so I'll clean/ touch it up and match the body color...

    Plaque looks like it has little hood rash from the 1" phenolic spacer

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    Everything I got in the transaction


    You can see he went egr bypass, I'll be restoring that I think.

  17. Nice score. Safe to say its a Ford Racing kit intake made here in the US sometime between 1997 and 2003.

    What makes to say that? I see the EGR valve in place, and nothing looks blocked from my view.
  18. I have a US made Cobra intake without the flat boss space for the "Ford Racing" sticker by the EGR, but my upper intake numbers do start with RF-F5 so the US made can be F3 or F5 not just for the US lower intakes. Probably F4 as well.
  19. First off Mike Thank You a million times over for the info I felt knowledgable and comfortable armed with the info you provided!!

    ^^ My bad, i miss interpreted the the neck vacumm line for the water cooling line.. I ll edit my error. Thanks for the catch. Oops, too late I guess it won't let me edit.

  20. It's not an SN95 upper with the curved neck is it?