cobra heads???????

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  1. what do you think about putting ported stock 94/95 cobra heads on a gt? i was thinking it would be a cheap way to get into the 13's if i bought some used ones. i would also get mass air, 24's, 255 pump, regulator, intake, 65mm tb, and a cam????

    any suggestions?????
  2. You can get into the 13's without heads. There are alot of people in the 13's with stock heads, cam, TB, and MAF. I ran a [email protected] in the 1/8 which most online calcs convert to a mid to high 13.

    But if you are looking to score some cheap iron heads look into GT-40 P heads.

    My advice is set a goal for your car and then only buy parts that will help you achive that goal. (No sense in buying parts twice).

  3. If you already have exhaust work done I wouldn't go with thw GT40 P since you have to change your headers. With the GT40 heads off of the 94/95 Cobra plus your other mods you should be in the 13's
  4. Sounds like a good budget combo to me. Take a look at gmkiller's combo and you'll see what can be done with those heads. (12.9 in the 1/4 with the stock cobra/gt40 heads and intake and bolt ons)
  5. :bs: and if you meant 12's, thats :bs: also
  6. I went [email protected] with stock unported intake, pullies, 14*, 3.73 gears, shifter, a K&N filter, a trick flow stage 1 cam and stock unported take off 95 cobra gt40 heads on street tires (no drag rad.). that is all the mods I had done at that time, Have done alot since but no times yet due to a bad short block now.

    I would like to get to high to mid 12's with the hard parts I have on a long rod 306 in the spring N/A and who knows on a 175 shot.
  7. Easy with the BS flags, killer. I meant "you can get into 13's without heads"

    Read around the one typo. The next sentence I typed was..."There are alot of people in the 13's with stock heads, cam, TB, and MAF. I ran a [email protected] in the 1/8 which most online calcs convert to a mid to high 13."
  8. are stock cobra heads gt40's?(aluminum or iron?)
  9. i found some for sale, the specs are: casting numbers E7te-pa. decked 0.02in. (raised compression from 9:25:1 to 10:1), 87,000 miles on them, and mild porting.

    i won't pay alot for them, but i figured that if i could get them for cheep, they are better than my stock heads and i could get into the low 13's.

    what do you guys think???
  10. Iron.

    I think those are worked over GT heads and not worked over GT-40 heads. If that's correct (someone can verify it) then I wouldn't buy them. I'd keep looking for some GT-40 irons.

  11. Gt40 heads have a cast mark GT on one of the corners by were the vavle cover gasket goes, as well as 3-4 vertrical bars cast into the corners of the face Front/back close to the intake part of that face.

    those sound like the stock GT/truck heads that are called E7TE due to the casting number.
  12. Do all GT-40 heads have different spark plugs than the E7TE heads?
  13. i'm not sure, but the guy says that they're off his 94 cobra????
  14. I dont know about the spark plug thing but my stock e7 heads plugs would not go into my 95 cobra gt40 heads.

    If in doubt go look at the casting if it does have e7te then they are stock gt/truck heads, but if there is a gt cast in the area and the heads have the 3 or 4 veritcal lines on the heads (agian in the front/back were the acc. brakets go) then they are gt40.