Engine Cobra Intake Manifold Vs...

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  1. i bought a somewhat built 95 5.0 with a 93 motor in it the kid took the trick flow intake off and sold it when he ran out of money(*******) and got one from a junk yard off of a 5.0 explorer. yeah he did that haha anyway my question is i know the explorer intake is better than stock but is a 5.0 cobra manifold better and is there enough difference to make it worth it in the mean time until i go trick flow or a gt40?
  2. The Explorer, Cobra, and GT40 manifolds have almost identical flow characteristics and performance so your choice will depend on looks. Whichever one you choose, I'd send the lower portion to Tmoss to have it ported. Otherwise I'd recommend the Edelbrock Performer.
  3. Yup. They are virtually identical.
  4. The Explorer intake is as good as it's going to get with your setup. I wouldn't change it. I would however use some punctuation next time you post. Your post is very hard to read.

  5. Piggy backing question, which flows better, the tubular GT40 or the Holley systemax? I've been split between the looks of these two for a while, flow would be the tie breaker.
  6. The Holley Systemax outflows the GT40 hands down but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's better for you. It needs to be matched to heads that flow similarly to get the best results.
  7. I'll be going stock on the heads for a while, tight budget, no way I can drop a grand on some decent GT40x's or twisted wedges.
    Eventually, maybe 8 or so months out I might be able to upgrade the heads.