Cobra Intake Not Fitting

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  1. Have a old block 302 that has been built. I put procomp heads on it. Cobra intake which I had on my other engine and stock heads. On this new motor the bolts match gaskets and heads well, but seems to have a pretty good gap approx 1/8" or so on the ends which seal against the block. I havent torqued it down because I was not wanting to waste the gaskets. Will this seal as I torque it down? Heads havent been shaved. Block is .030. Thanks. -David
  2. There's supposed to be a gap at the ends. If you look in your intake gasket kit you should see that the end gaskets are real thick.
  3. I normally pile up rtv sealant instead of using the gaskets
  4. I use RTV + the gaskets
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  5. I always just use GOOD rtv. Lay it down like a weld (stack of dimes), get it about 1/4 to 3/8 tall and it will squish out what isn't needed (ensures good seal.) My only exp using the gaskets equaled a leaky mess. But that's just me, I know of others who use them with success.
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  6. let the RTV set up a few minutes so it is tacky before you set the intake down. I also lay a bead of red RTV around the water jackets on the heads and lay the gaskets down over them. It keeps the gaskets in place from shifting and also adds some extra protection against water leaks. torque the intake in the pattern per the manufacturer in stages. I also retorque the bolts after a few heat cycles.
  7. Do we understand the problem? If so, I like easy ones to solve. Good RTV and save the rubber or cork snakes for tool box junk.
  8. As do I. Unless that gaskets have an adhesion on one side, I lay a thin film of RTV on the block, give the block a couple of good gobs on each side where the cork meets the intake gaskets, lay the cork section down, then layer the silicone down on top of it. Let it set up a few minutes, set the intake "straight" on, then torque it down from the center out wards in steps. Don't go by the stock torque specs.....15lbs/ft is max. Any more and you risk pulling the threads out of the heads.
  9. Not a bad idea either. But I worry about the gasket movingduring install without 4 hande. Weldwood contact adhesive or Gaskacinch (spelling?) Is designed to keep stuff from slipping during installation. It would be a good idea on the block side and silicone on the other to perfect the seal. There are many ways to stop that oil. But block to manifold is not one in this location.
  10. Easy way to drop the intake. Get 2 long studs that thread into the block. Or get bolts and cut the heads off. Then you simply line the intake up over the studs and drop it straight down. Works every time vs trying to wiggle the intake in place
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