Cobra IRS in a Classic 65,66,67,or 68?

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  1. I tried a quick search but couldn't find any threads for anyone who has installed a 1999(?) - 2004 Cobra IRS into a 67/68 Mustang. I know its possible because I've seen a couple in some of my hot rod mags. Has anyone got a thread or link? Or pics? Or know of a company who does this hybrid? Much appreciated.

  2. DVS Restorations
  3. The 67 and up cars have enough wheelwell space to handle the IRS with little or no modification to the fenders, but the 65-66 cars are too narrow, by about 1.5". For the early cars, fender flairs or serious modifications to the IRS would be necessary.

    DVS restorations is the best place to look for info on the swap. :nice:

    Good Luck!
  4. Question...

    If I can fit a rearend in my 66 that is over 2" wider than my stock rearend (69 Mach I), and have late model wheels with 5.75" backspacing...why wouldnt an IRS fit in there?

    I dont think id care for an IRS in my classic. If I had 99+ love to have one in it!
  5. With the wheels in place, the IRS is 70.5" wide. The outer wheelwell fo the 65-66 cars is 69.5". According to the DVS website it would require some additional fabrication. In addition, a fellow on Corner carvers has dropped a 65 fastback on to the Cobra IRS, and it looks like major surgery.
    To quote Frankenstang from Corner Carvers,
    1. place car on 2 post lift
    2. remove original rear suspension
    3. dissconect battery
    4. place new IRS on shop floor complete with wheels and tires.
    5. plasma cut rear subframe, floorpan, and anything else in the way until car can be lowered over IRS at desired ride height.
    6. weld IRS to car
    7. ENJOY!
  6. It's not that easy. With an IRS you have different mounting points, not just your solid axle points (leaf springs). The additional length in the solid axle is on the axle tubes themselves anyway and not the mounting point. Think framerail locations...