Cobra IRS wheel hop

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  1. I just purchased a 99 cobra vert and it has a bad case of wheel hop. I have never had a IRS mustang before so what is the best way to fix this problem?
  2. The best way? Remove the IRS and replace with a SRA from a GT.

  3. I would not ever consider removing the IRS from any Cobra I owned :notnice:

    There are ways to correct the wheel hop which are well documented on the internet and revealed with a simple Google search.

    Additionally, Maximum Motorsports makes some excellent kits for the Cobra IRS suspension :nice:

    From the CobraBob FAQ tome 'o knowledge:
    There are several options for reducing wheel hop. Amazon Tuning Solutions and Billetflow have an IRS kit for the Cobra designed to specifically reduce wheel hop. In addition, some improvement can be made by stiffening the suspension and frame. This can be accomplished using sub-frame connectors (full-length, weld on are best, as there is no “bolt walk”) and improved IRS bushings. Steeda products for both of these are available here:
  4. i heard of people breaking level 5 shafts still?
  5. My fix was to lower the car, and put on sticky tires.... If you don't spin, you don't hop. I understand that not all want to run drag radials though. Good luck!
  7. Hey, he asked the BEST way... no matter HOW much money you dump into the IRS it will never be as good for traction in a straight line as an SRA. :nice:

  8. Yeah I want to keep the IRS. I will check out these sites and see what all i can get.
  9. If that's the case then start with installation of some better rubber. If that doesn't help there's all sorts of mods you can do to the IRS. Each one is progressively more difficult and more expensive.

  10. IRS Grip Box for 1999-04 Cobra
    Part #: MMRG-22
    Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

    The MM Rear Grip Boxes include what you need to bring the performance of the IRS up to the same high level that MM parts have done for the solid-axle equipped cars. These three different Rear Grip Boxes allow you to outfit your car to match your desired performance level. MM's Sales Associates can also custom-build a Rear Grip Box to meet your specific needs.

    The Rear Grip Box includes the following parts:


    * Delrin Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings
    * Delrin Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings
    * IRS Subframe bushings
    * IRS adjustable Tie-rod kit
    * Rear swaybar bushings
    * Rear sway bar end link kit
    * Aluminum pinion angle adjusting differential mounts
  11. the tires have alot to do with the wheel hop to and them being hot or cold too!
  12. Tires are absolutely a huge factor...
  13. I do have a set of slicks left over from my 04 GT but I think ill just put drag radials on my cobra.
  14. i ditched the irs , my rear cover on it always leaked on my 99 and my 03 cobras 900 bucks to cure the irs to me is not worth it . jmo
  15. I guess if you believe the advertisements....

    Here get one of these too while you're at it! :D


    Plus unless you're going to do the work yourself the installation of the kit mentioned above is a MAJOR PITA! Most guys report 8 hours just to install the IRS sub-frame bushings alone.

    Remember, the more you do to increase the traction potential of the IRS, the more strain you put on the other components. You'll have to start dealing with the other weak areas.... like the factory half-shafts:


    ..and the weak 10-spline input shaft.

    Last but not least switching to a SRA shaves almost 150lbs of weight from this pig of a car.

  16. Comparing the fine Maximum Motorsports IRS grip box to the Turbonator? :scratch:

    Mmm kay :shrug: do what you have to do...
  17. No... I was calling attention to the "Truth in Advertising" factor. I just have issues with the statement in their ad...

    The MM Rear Grip Boxes include what you need to bring the performance of the IRS up to the same high level that MM parts have done for the solid-axle equipped cars.

  18. Yeah, I noticed that also... I think what they are trying to say is that they are now making their great parts for IRS. I do not think they are saying that their great parts will make IRS = SRA...

    At the end of the day MM makes great suspension parts and if I had $950 I would absolutely get that kit, take the Cobra out of service for the winter, and install it in my garage.
  19. I agree. MM does make quality parts for both IRS & SRA applications. Although from everything I've read I'd never attempt to replace the IRS subframe bushings in my garage unless you have a overhead lift or you planned on removing the whole IRS out of the car first. I hear drilling out those stock bushings is not something you'd wish even on your enemies... :rlaugh:

  20. Maybe I will consider swaping to a SRA. Is it an easy swap?