Cobra IRS wheel hop

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  1. Sorry UM. I had to chime in on this one. The IRS mustangs have been doing VERY well in the corner type racing. In fact last year MM switched out their sold to a IRS in their # 91 GT and kicked everyones butt.

    The #91 Maximum Motorsports car with Dave Royce at the wheel, running a IRS suspension (independent rear suspension) took the pole position for the afternoon race. Andy Bowman in his #99 Mustang Cobra grabbed 2nd in qualifying to make up the front line.

    Saturday March 11 race results:
    1. Dave Royce #91 Mustang GT
    2. Andy Bowman #99 Mustang Cobra SN95
    3. Vageli Karas #7 Mustang GT
    4. Ryan Walton #54 Mustang GT
    5. Gary Umphenour #73 Mustang GT
    6. Brian McMillan #4 Mustang GT
    7. Patrick Lindsey #117 Mustang GT
    8. Paul McKee #94 Mustang GT SN95
    9. Christine Knight #29 Chevy Z28 Camaro
    10. Mark Witherow #04 (AIX) Mustang GT SN95
    11. Hal Massey #46 Mustang GT SN95
    12. Mike Patterson #3 Chevy Z28 - out with broken oil line
    13. JR Smith, Z28 Chevy - out with mechanical
    14. Bill Daffron #27 (AIX) Mustang GT - out with mechanical

    Sunday Race Results
    1. #91 Dave Royce, Maximum Motorsports
    2. #73 Gary Umphenour
    3. #54 Ryan Walton
    4. #117 Patrick Lindsey
    5. #99 Andy Bowman
    6. #04 Jonathan Witherow
    7. #4 Brian McMillan
    8. #29 Christine Knight
    9. #46 Hal Massey
    10. #94 Paul McKee
    11. #3 Mike Patterson - crash
    12. #7 Vageli Karas-Team Armstrong - out with tranny/mechanical
    13. #27 Bill Daffron - out with mechanical
    14.J.R. Smith - out with mechanical

    And yes I am still running my IRS and have no issues with it at all. Even with 335-30-18 hoosier slicks in the rear. As far as wheel hop. I dont seem to have those issues either on those rare times when I like to kill a perfectly good set of tires LOL
    Most road racers that go with a solid rear have a very modified type like a torque arm or 3 link and or some kind of watts link.

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  2. Dude, you have the cobra for the IRS, add some sticky fat tires to the rear for drag. I have had 2 solid axle cars and the IRS I have now owns both. I can corner way better than I ever could without dumping $5K + into the SRA cars. And I personally have little issue with wheel hop. I dont have a vert. but I do have a 99' snake. And most professional road race mustangs that handle well are Fox cars, for the power/weight ratio. I would hate to see you lose the IRS and seriously regret it. I have had an 02 GT and a 92 351W Fox, and this IRS system rocks them both. I will say I am partial to handling mustangs, not a huge drag racer here.

    Seems like a trend with Vert owners, as I have no wheel hop issues.
  3. I just swapped and IRS unit into my Notch back night and day difference, i have maximum motor sports control arm bushing, sub frame bushings, and there swaybar link kit on it. No issues with wheel hop, but i am now turbo charging it so that might change. I would def keep the IRS.
  4. you will regret the sra swap. Throw some good bushings in there, some flsfc's, a brace, irs brackets, sticky rubber and H&R race springs. I don't believe in level 5's they are way to expensive to still risk breakage. one guy sheared one off in the first run. I know the 99 half shafts are weaker, but find 03 shafts some how and throw them in. If you ever plan on selling your car the SRA will kill you.
  5. i finally got to experience the IRS Hop. pretty wild but it was a pretty odd occurance. got a little over zealous in the rain, got the rear lose with little throttle, then decided to keep it loose and added alot more throttle and all hell broke loose. i almost instantly let off, i do have a IRS Brace but still.

    tried to recreate the experience on the next turn but nothing, just spun the rears to no end even under wot.
  6. a lot of times the car will hop and you can drive out of it byu matting it as soon as you feel it start to hop. This breaks the tire completely loose. I've only had one really bad case of wheel hop that scared me. It can be really vilolent but i'm on a completely stock 03 rear end. The 03 cars have enough torque to drive out of the wheel hop. I don't think the 99's will. That may be why it is worse with them.
  7. Personally I would NEVER attempt to drive out of wheel hop by increasing throttle. That's the main ingredient of the recipe for a broken half-shaft. Seen it a many times...

  8. like i said i've only expirienced violent wheel hop once or twice. only times it was just as the tires began to spin. I would never do it at the track.
  9. 100% agree. It's just stupid when people do so; it's not like it's making them any faster to drive through it. Best way to stop wheel hop...learn to drive better :nice: After that, full bushing setup haha :nice: