Mach 1 cobra jet emblem

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sabrooks, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. I saw a picture a few months ago a guy had a cobra jet emblem on his Mach does anyone know where I can get one
  2. It's not a Cobra Jet! :mad:

    ask on Mach1 Registry
  3. Or try eBay. I agree with Ernad though, it isn't a Cobra Jet so don't put an emblem on it saying that it is. I always think it is stupid when I see those on '03-'04 Mach 1s.
  4. Mustang Parts of Oklahoma

    Screw the naysayers, it's your car so do what you want to it.
  5. You probably have one, don't you? :rolleyes:

  6. eh, most people dont care if it is a cobra jet or not, its just a nostalgia(sp?) thing, so when people see they're like, "yeah, ive heard of those from back in the day"

    it adds to the whole mach throwback thing.

    it saw one the other day on a red mach, thought it looked pretty neat myself.
  7. Yes, I have to agree as well, I hate the Cobra Jet emblems that some people put on their 03/04 Machs.... it's like V6 Owners putting some Cobra emblems on their car :bang: Don't put decals for **** that you don't have
  8. just wanted to know where they sold them so I could buy it for my dad who loved the old cars. Never said I would put it on my car, but thanks for the help
  9. I have a friend with a Mach, I had'nt seen for months, and when I saw him the other day, he had the "Cobra Jet" badges on his shaker. I'd never actually seen the badges in person close up. I have to admit, they looked good, but I would'nt put them on my Mach.
  10. sabrooks asked for vendors that sell them, not whether I have them or for opinions on how they look on a '03 or '04 Mach. I see that I am still the only one who posted an answer thus far.
  11. You can get them from most of the large Mustang parts dealers online, like,,, (formally I got mine from (classic Mustang Parts of Oklahoma) because they were offering the metal ones instead of the plastic ones most vendors offer.

    As for the opinionated, self-appointed keepers of what's politically correct to put on an 03-04 Mach 1, keep it to yourselves, because nobody really cares what you think!:Damnit:
  12. Yep, it's your car and you have the right to f#$% it up however you want! We're just trying to help you from being seen as either a poser or an idiot but if you decide to put the emblem on your car then by all means, go for it. :nice:
  13. Who is we???? Say "I" since it's your post

    Yep, you still have not or can not answer the original poster's question.
  14. Wow, aren't you a total tard. First, I wasn't the only one who said he shouldn't put the emblem on. Ernad, and djlethalwang said he shouldn't and Crzyhrse politely indicated that he shouldn't by saying he wouldn't. As for your 2nd part, I did too answer his question in my first reply in which I told him to try eBay !
  15. Wow, aren't you a total TURD

    Telling him to try eBay is about as much good as telling him to do a GOOGLE SEARCH

    A modern-day Einstein you ain't
  16. Google is for finding information, eBay is for finding merchandise.

    One doesn't have to be to know to try eBay when you are trying to find something :rolleyes:
  17. Good work, how do you like having just been played as a TOOL.
  18. 1. I was joking with the guy. I could care less if he puts CJ emblems on his car or not. :)

    2. I don't know where they sell them, but I did give him an answer. A place where he could ask. :)
  19. Emblem on Mach1

    I like these on the Black Mach Fenders. 4.6