Mach 1 cobra jet emblem

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sabrooks, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Cobra Jet fenders? Oh, I guess you meant 4.6 badges. Nah, I like my 40th Anniversary badges. If I had an '03 with the pony badges, I'd switch them out for something else.
  2. The running horse fender badges on the '03 models is perfect, it looks better than many of the aftermarket emblems and gives me something in common with the V6 models.
  3. :scratch: I think you've been eating too much TP.

    You actually want people associating your Mach 1 with V6s?!
  4. The average person on the street doesn't know the difference; they only recognize a Mustang as a Mustang. I personally don't mind anyone associating my Mach 1 with V6's because they can both be decent cars in their own way, and I don't have that superiority complex that many V8 Mustang owners have that V6 owners are lower-class people. Some Mach 1 owners can even be such yourself for instance.
  5. They may not know what the difference is but I think most can tell that a Mach 1 is different from other Mustangs. I've had lots of people walk up to me and ask me "Ehat's with the hood? Is it some sort of special production?"

    Agreed. I had a '97 V6 for awhile. I loved it. Too bad it's engine died on me. I have to wonder what hell its previous owners put it through :(


    I don't have a superiority complex over my car. I just don't see why one would pay extra for a Mach 1 if they are content with a V6.

    This arguement is stupid. We both helped out the Sabrooks in our own way and there is nothing to be gained by us fighting over stupid stuff. I shouldn't have made my "total tard" remake and I apologize. Lets say we bury the hatchet, ok?
  6. This is the most action this forum has seen in a while :D
  7. Reimann,

    Agreed...everyone here at least has excellent taste in cars, and as Ernad posted at least this Mach 1 forum has showed some signs of life the past few days.
  8. Ok, if we don't like the cobra jet emblem do to its incorrect application; please show me a badge that looks hot that has the right nomenclature. I am thinking "Ram Air" then you look like a friggin f-body guy, "Shaker" wasn't that on the hemi's? I mean I can't think of anything that is correct and still would look as nice......please enlighten me.
  9. I've never seen anything but the Cobra Jet badging on the actual Shaker. Some have the "Ram Air" striping where the factory striping was, and some have "4.6 32 Valve" around the center where the factory striping still is. It's a 50/50 deal. Some like it, some hate it. I prefer the clean look on the Shaker and still kept the factory striping on the hood. To me, the exterior needs nothing but rims and an aftermarket Mach 1 fuel door.
  10. WOW! A five year time for a search feature. Good job. :flag: I had the real thing in 1969. Now I just have a 04 Mach 1.:shrug:
  11. I'm very much against labeling a car as something it's not but even I considered getting them for my car. My car is 50% Cobra but still couldn't bring myself to do it. I like to keep people guessing.