Cobra may be Totaled

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  1. My dumb-ass let someone else drive my car and she crashed it into a F*^$ing tree!!! The damage without even tearing it apart is 6500. Get the great state of Illinois, even if she is driving I'M AT FAULT. So now my insurance is gonna sky rocket and she doesnt get anything. Isnt this a wonderful world? Now the insurance company says it may be not even worth fixing. They said its only worth 8K!!!!! I about slapped them. KBB puts it at over 12. Now I'm in limbo. Isnt life great.
  2. :stupid:

    only i get to get in the drivers seat of my car.
  3. Life would have been great if you wouldnt have let her drive your car...what were you thinking?
  4. Well, thanx for the advice, I kinda already figured that one out. I know three new things:
    Ok, due to my apparent loss I am being sexist... the following changes have been made:
    1) Before driving, make sure the other person knows what the car is capable of.
    2) Women dont belong behind something with more than 300hp unless they have memorized the engine specs and actually know how to drive one.
    3) Never assume that people with a valid drivers license know where the brake is.
  5. your gonna get flamed for that, theres a lot of women mustang drivers.. Specially on this board.. heh
  6. How do they runs insurance in you're state???

    1.) It's not that you're at fault, it's that fact that your insurance company comes first hand on the collision part of the insurance.Her insurance has no effect on your vehicle. She will however have an accident on her DMV record for the next three years if I'm correct.

    2.) Again, I don't live in Illinois, I'm from Cailfornia, but an accident report shouldn't count against your records since you did not have the accident therefore it should have no effect on your insurance premium unless this women lives with you in the same household. Then you will have to exclude her from your future policies.

    3.) If the car is paid off then it is much easier and cheaper for the insurance company to total the car than it is to repair it and take a loss on the vehicle especially since an undisclosed driver wreck the car to begin with.

    Best bet for insurance is you better have an agent who knows his material. Don't mean to offend anybody with this remark but if you have online service or go through 800 number, GOOD LUCK fighting the insurance company for fair and reasonable practices. :nonono:
  7. BlkThndr66 - :nonono: man that sux. Sorry 'bout your car man. Good Luck w/all the insurance stuff.

    Outta curiosity, did she swerve to avoid hitting something, or simply didn't anticipate the power of the snake? Not sure about this, but could you get anything from her insurance company?
  8. Only if she hit and injured somebody else. Then her liability limits would be primary and the owner of the vehicle would be secondary.

    But his collision coverage of his insurance is going to pick up damages to his vehicle.

    Hope that helps.
  9. OK, this is exactly what happened:
    We were in a church parking lot (thought I would be safe, apparently not). She wanted to learn how to drive stick, so regretedly I said yes. She did EXTREMELY well........AT FIRST. didnt stall it once. I said for her to pull it into a spot and turn 'er off and Ill drive home. [we are moving in 1st gear at about 10 mph in the lot. The spot she wanted to turn into is on our left. NO CARS IN THE WHOLE PARKING LOT and she picked the only spot with a 100 ft tree in front of it.] So she makes the turn, I say "foot on clutch, foot on brake. She does, RPM goes down, car slows. Her shoe slipps hits the gas, she freaks out and pops the clutch. Mind you its in 1st and were going no more than 3 or 4 MPH. It of course jumps the curb and smashes into the tree, airbags come out and all.
    As far as insurance, Illinois is a at-fault state, but the twist is that the insurance follows the car, NOT THE DRIVER! Her insurance company refuses to pay any damages, so I have ti go through mine. I have State Farm and FULL Coverage. My rate goes up primarily because State Farm has to go to court with Farmers Insurance to get the money for the car. Insurance companies suck.
    As far as her and her parents, they offered to pay my deductable and possibly pay the first year of my difference in my premium for insurance, thats a good thing, but still, I'll be paying for that mistake until I'm 25, SCREW ILLINOIS. I WANT MY SNAKE BACK DAMNIT!
  10. OUCH! Sorry man!
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    Man, that really sucks. Sorry to hear that happened. At least her parents are willing to pay the deductible...
  12. Yeah, this really sucks. It would have been a mixed blessing if it hadent been so serious. At first of Course I was super pissed, I almost blacked out because I waas hyperventalating so hard. I seriously wanted to just smack her, my friends know me and how I am about cars, my friend bastick for sure thought I was gonna go balls out ballistic on her.after that, I thought "hey, now all those p[aint chips in the bumper and hood will be gone,. then I heard they have a 50/50 chance of totaling it, now i am in severe depression. Know how bad it is? I am at work, ha, I am so upset I cant even do my work. My boss knows how I am, and he just lets me be, other wise I'll start yellin and stabbin'
  13. Was she worth it?

  14. Sorry about the loss. I don't even allow my wife to drive my car. After all the insurance is taken care of are you going to buy a new Snake. I've seen a lot of 03 Cobra's for about 25000-27000 dollars.
  15. Well, I'm still not sure if they are going to toal it yet or not, but the crappy thing is that I'm only 19, so I dont really have any money to sink into a new Cobra. how ever much money they give me (if it's totaled) will be how much I have to spend.

    And rdefino, she isnt my girlfriend, nor would she ever be, just a friend, so of course shes not worth it. I mean I'm glad no one got hurt, but still...... I almost hurt her afterwards.

  16. Wow man, 9COBRA7 was right... consider yourself flamed :nonono:

    Just because I don't have my damn engine specs memorized does not in any way, shape or form mean that I am not capable of driving my car. Come On! It is 2004, dude! My car is just that... MINE! My fiance had no say in the matter at all. So should I not ever let him drive my car again, since he's really not a mustang fanatic anyhow?

    I am however, terribly sorry to hear about your car.
  17. I dont mean to be rude, nor sexist in any way, but Ive had nothing but bad experience with women drivers. I had a friend in high school that got into 7 accidents in about 9 months, all her fault. Another hit my dad at a stoplight doing 30, another backed into my moms 02 T-Bird, another smashed into my girlfriends PARKED car, now a girl smashes my front end. Gimme a little credit, Im not arrogant or ignorant, but I havent had too many bad encounters with male drivers, ricers of course, but no damage to my car. I dont doubt that you are fully capable of a 300-400 or 500+ HP car, but I know I will NEVER let ANYONE but myself drive that car. EVER. My girlfriend wont have a car at college next year (we both go to NIU) and I still refuse to let her drive it when we get there. Sorry if I come off as an a$$, its just my experiences, and thanx for the sympathy.
  18. UPDATE

    State Farm called me today and told me that my cobra is far from being totaled. Unfortunately Cars Collision (people fixin it) is slower than the justice system. It's been over a week, and they havent even started working on it. :fuss:
    I wanted parts for th cobra for my birthday next week, now all I want is my baby to get fixed :(
  19. Sorry to hear about the misfortune. I worked insurance claims eons ago in my first job after college. Make sure you specify Ford OEM parts of they will use foeign after-market parts with not so good fit, finish and durability. The insurance company saves a lot of bucks on these parts. My wife does know how to drive a stick and she does OK with the snake - just gets lots of funny looks.

    And, yes, the insurance always follows the car, regardless of the driver. You also have the right to specify the shop where it will be repaired, too. You may not want to tick off the insurance company any more than necessary, so be kind in your requests.

    LOL - Just remember, 20 years from now, you'll hardly remember it. I know; I'm looking back over 40 years now from some of my first driving experiences. And, it's not worth smacking someone for your own free will mis-judgement. Take deep breaths and be glad it wasn't worse. You're angrier at yourself than at her, right??
  20. i hear ya man, mine got smashed on 294 and took 4 months to fix. went back and forth from totaling it. i got it back and am so gracious. you at northern IL?

    too add to your girls drivin stangs thing, i have two good friends that had their cars riped apart by women who cant drive stick. thats great if you can drive stick, just not in my car