Cobra may be Totaled

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  1. Im sorry to hear that... :( Good luck with everything.
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss. That is why nobody except my dad has ever driven my vehicles. I hope all goes faster for you with the repair work, and that everything is fixed right.
  3. oh yeah i know about those women drivers. my wife wrecked my p5 into a bayou. and a month later she let somebody sideswipe here and she took off.
  4. only one thing you can ask from her to make things right....PIITB
  5. that wont make the car better!!!! but might take out some aggresion
  6. Yea thanx guys. Yea, I know I am definately going to tell them to put on OEM ford parts, and make sure the color is right or I'll have a fit. Ive done some body work in my day and I know what a good paint job is. Hey, CrimsonCobra, Yea I go to NIU, do you? IF you do man, hit me up on AIM
  7. I live in southern Cali and all the time I see a woman drive shes talking on a cell phone and drinking a Frappuccino, kind of scary isn't it.
  8. yeah, but add one more thing, the classic: putting on makeup, lipstick especially. I know some women that would have no prob drivin a cobra, I know a girl with a 69 GT500, but thats about it.
  9. The thing that scares me the most about women drivers, at least the young ones, is their shoes. My ex wears these freakin shoes that have like a 3 inch soul, so shes taller and such. Every girl seems to have them, and my girl is always having problems with them slipping off and she does something stupid. I tell her she isn't driving until she can figure out how to keep her shoes on while driving.
  10. Damn straight, hell, I drive barefoot half the time. I can feel the clutch better and I can feel the vibrations and the car much better. If anyone else ever drives my car, they will either drive it bare foot, or with VERY TIGHTLY TIES tennis shoes.
  11. UPDATE

    Date of completeion of the snake: August 4th. Jesus, this is taking longer than any body shop I've ever been to. If their date is right, then it will have taken them nearly a full MONTH to tear down the bumper, radiator, and engine cradle, replace broken/damages pieces, and reassemble and paint the front bumper and hood. I swear me and the Mike's Garage Crew could get it done in a week. So pissed, because I'm without my baby......... :(
  12. Here insurance won't pay? Take them to court. SHE was driving. It was her fault. Her insurance should pay. Don't give up.
  13. Oh, my insyrance will sue hers, they already said they were going to. The only problem with insurance companies is that when they take someone to court to get money for your car, it costs money. And that money that is needed comes from you, in your insurance rate. So no matter what, my insurance will be going up, but hers will too. Gotta LOVE good ole Illinois........ I WANT MY SNAKE BACK!!!
  14. Before anyone that I don't already know is capable of handling it drives my cobra, IF I decide to let them for some reason, we're going to a big ass empty parking lot to get them used to it. Fortunately for me, most people seem to have overestimated just how pissed off I'd be if they wrecked my car and don't want to drive it anyway.
  15. I feel your pain. I almost got into a bad accident last week. Now, you never teach anyone(male or female) how to drive stick in your pride and joy, baby, or whatever you call your mustang. If its the owners car, then yes, but not your stang or cobra. It seems insurance compaines get away with murder regarding claims. I would change companies and ask about what would happen if someone drives your car and wrecks it. I have never thought about teaching my wife how to drive stick in my stangs, or any friend for that matter. hope it works out for you.
  16. We have a *Wiskey Bravo Wiskey, please intercept immediately and relieve her of the keys!

    * Women Behind Wheel :D
  17. UPDATE

    Yeah no kidding. Don't get me wrong, I know a girl with a '69 Shelby Cobra GT500, but thats the only woman that could handle it. But no one will be drivin my snake. If I take it in to have an alignment or something, and they ask for the keys, I say: "No one drives this but me, you got a problem with that? If you do, see ya, my business is goin elsewhere." Im not even kidding either.

    Now for the UPDATE:
    COBRA WIL BE FINISHED TODAY!!!!!! I doubt I will be able to get down to Orland Park today to pick it up.... Its a 2 hour drive.

    (I just moved a year ago, and visit all my old high school buddies in Tinley/Orland Park/Joliet every weekend, that is where is got wrecked.....)

    All they said that needed to be done was a full interior/exterior detailing, final check, test drive and they're done. They said this at 10am CDT today... IT BETTER BE READY!!!!! WOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOOT
    :drool: :banana:
    :cheers: cheers to that !!
  18. UPDATE


    Get THIS!!!!!!Me and my ma drove 2 HOURS to get to this place, and pick up my car. Looks great! Get in it, start it, and set the tripometer. I got about 4 miles and the Low Coolant light came on, I pulled into PepBoys and bought some 50/50 prestone coolant. I open the pressure cap, fill it, put the cap back on. I get in it, and the coolant light goes off. I pull out onto the street, and the coolant light comes BACK ON and the TEMP guage SKYROCKETS, I pull over, and shut her down in the closest parking lot I could find. I get out, and look under.................. COOLANT IS SPEWING OUT.... I MEAN DUMPING out from under. Prolly close to a gallon leaked out. Get it towed back to the collision place, and call them this morning.(note: it took my mom another hour and a half to turn around and pick me up, then 2 hours to get home.)

    So when I called, I was obviously pissed. I'm tellin' her off and all. She released a car that could have been dangerous. She is literally about ready to cry. I told her if she didnt have it fixed by friday evening, she'd be getting a couple choice words from me and my friends, and we would picket the place all day saturday until it was fixed.

    PS, I think its the water pump.... what do you think?

    SO PISSED!!!!!!! :fuss: :damnit: :mad: :notnice:
  19. Based on what you said they had to do I woudl assume the radiator and overflow tank were replaced so they shouldn't be leaking. Next thing to look at is the water pump.

    In my 5 years as a tech I had 2 cars come back on me, one was a broken clip and the other a bent molding. I have no sympathy for shops that pull stunts like this on your car. They should have checked for leaks and made sure the car got to proper running temp. That is a rule of thumb that any good shop follows. Hopefully they didn't run it too long w/o coolant.
  20. Yeah, no kidding, they said that all they did was let it run for 3 or 4 mins, while they checked it, of course they didnt test drive it or rev it, if they had, they would have noticed it. I'm (obviously) a weekend wrencher, and this is just purely disrespectful. Their reputation is on the line, and they better rectify this, and soon, or they'll catch hell from me, my fellow '66 Mustang buddy, and a whole bunch of my friends. I'll make it so loud and such a ruccus there, they wont be able to work. ( I prolly wouldnt do this, Im just so pissed, ya know?) But I promise, I will picket if they dont rectify it, that I promise you!