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  1. 97 cobra alum block with 8-bolt cobra crank> make a offer
    98 cobra engine wiring harness> $75
    98 cobra valve covers $100.00 plus shipping >
    lots of other stuff just ask > if it's still listed here i still have it .
  2. Email me a package price on both intakes together. Also looking for a set of intake cams.
    Need a throttle cable with bracket to.
    [email protected]
  3. bare intake sold eberything else is still for sale
  4. added price's to list
  5. headers

    How much for the headers shipped to 50501
  6. $150 for the headers and $25 more for shipping> if it cost more than that >I'll eat the diffrence
  7. from what year is that 2nd set of heads
    casting numbers?
  8. both sets of heads are from 97 cobra's > the set with 32,000 mile is off the stock motor from Coreysvt's stock motor >I don't know how many miles are on the second set of heads. I'll have to get the cast numbers tomorrow after work .
  9. thx for the no0te
    if they are b heads
    dont worry about the casting numbers for my sake
    i need some c heads,
  10. just scored more parts > if your looking for it > ask > I might have it .
  11. Is the "engine harness" just the engine side or does it include the ecu end inside the car?
  12. I have just the under hood part right now > but will be getting the whole car harnees when were done stipping the car >do you need the inner harness and computer ? > I have a complete 96-98 cobra motor and a t-45 and a stock cobra suspenstion right now with more to come
  13. Water Pump

    I need a water pump for a 95 GT. Do you have one?
  14. I only need the engine harness and the harness that connects to it and goes to the ecu.
  15. YES I have the motor harness> but do not have the inner harness yet but I will in time ,the more I pull the car a-part the more wiring stuff I will have > motor harness $ 75 shipped
  16. How much for computer and do you still have it ?
  17. havn't pulled it yet > will post it when i get it out of the car >
    ALL part plus some not listed on here have been posted on e-bay for sale
  18. headers and bare heads have been sold.
  19. Got any 03/04 Cobra parts?
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