Cobra Motor Swap

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  1. My 94 GT just hit 130K miles and it idles like crap. I was looking at salvaged engines or even crate motors. My question is how much drama am I looking at with swapping the stock 5.0 with a 94-95 Cobra motor. Do I need the computer too?... Also, can I do an engine swap with a newer engine? (98-2002 4.6 or cobra) Will it fit without running into too many problems? I know I'm rambling, but watching the odometer roll the 130 mark made me a little nervous!


  2. My odometer says 145000 and running fine and dandy.
  3. if you get a cobra motor you will need the computer, you cant run a GT computer on a cobra Motor. You may just need to do a tune up if its not running so great, really no need to get a whole new motor just b/c its running a little rough. Whens the last time you changed the 02's, Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor. Maybe it needs a new distribitor or Ingition system :shrug: Lots of reasons why a car may run rough but I wouldent go as far as changeing the motor b/c of it. Mines got 116,000 on it and runs awesome.
  4. Try to steer away from swapping a newer cobra motor in your car. If you really want to. Sell your 5.0 and get what money you can for it. Buy a v6 and use the extra to start the fund for everything your gonna need.

    Off the top of my head this is the big stuff your gonna need for the 4.6 cobra motor to go into your 5.0

    1. The engine and trans obviously :bang:
    2. K-Member for the 4.6 to fit in.
    3. Brake booster out of a 4.6 because ours is too big.
    4. Your lookin at the ammount of a badass 5.0 stroker biuldup so dont do it.

    And my car just turned over 103k and it runs perfectly. Gotta love the 5.0's. :nice:
  5. Cool, thanks for all of the input, guys! I just cant figure out why my car gives me so much grief! If it was only running rough and shaking at idle I could trouble shoot it a bit. It freaks me out because it shakes at any speed. Normally, if it is running a bit rough at idle, it smooths out when you give it some gas, but this almost feels like something is way out of balance. I have changed the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, everything I can think of. I can see the balancer is moving, so I dunno!
    I got rid of my 01 cobra because I didnt need the payment (divorce forces sale!) :notnice: but I am spending that much a month trying to get this one up to speed.. I'm kinda missing the cobra!

    Thanks again!
  6. Have you pulled codes? Maybe run the cylinder balance test to see if one isn't firing. And you are sure the balancer isn't fubar? How about cleaning the MAF, TB, IAC?

  7. have you checked your balancer? that could very well be the cause of your shaking.
  8. Another vote for the balancer, mine just went at 82K.