Cobra on Tuesday, need some advice.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by woodywoody, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Yea it seemed a little weird to me... And that sound, I am not sure I like that really high pitched sound it was making. I know the S/C will make whine but that was a little crazy.

  2. hey woody, if you have any further questions, please feel free to visit There are a lot of great people there. We are a great club, and would love to have you join. There are several members that live in the Raleigh area. On April 22, we will be meeting up at the new go kart place in Raleigh, the indoor one(don't know the name). My wife, and I will be there, along with a group of members from the club. So, if you are free that day, please stop by, would love to meet you.
  3. Stay away from RPM Outlet. You hear a lot of bad things about their products and customer service.

    You also don't need a heat exchanger for you car. Unless you plan on hot-lapping the car at the drag strip you're just wasting your money. A new larger heat exchanger DOES NOT provide more horsepower nor does it lower intake temperatures. All it does is allow the intercooler to return to a normal operating temperature (after you've flogged the snot out of it) a little quicker.

    Save your money for something else...

  4. I would start a bit slower. I got 452rwhp and 479 rwtq on an 03 cobra with CAI, 2.90 Reichard pulley and SCT tune (tuned on the dynojet). This was around $1,300, including new plugs. I am going for throttle body, blower and plenum porting next and that will still keep me at around $3,000 total and should get me to around 500 rwhp.

    Let's see what Meat and Dan think.
  5. Sounds like a solid plan to me.

    $1300 for CAI/Pulley/Tune? I'm assuming that figure factors in the cost of an Xcal2, custom tune, and dyno time?

    As long as you stick with just an upper pulley coupled with that Stiegemeier ported Eaton you should be able to keep the stock fuel system and still be right at 500 RWHP or so.

  6. I have seen more people have better luck with an upper/lower combo. The popular one seems to be the new Stieggy stage 4 port, with a 2.8 upper and either 2 or 4 lb lower.
  7. True, but adding that 2 or 4lb lower will put the stock fuel system at its very limits and beyond. Now we're talking about adding bigger injectors/BAP/possible new MAF, etc. Adding a lower to a stage 4 port will end up costing more than just the price of a crank pulley.