Cobra R Clone

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  1. I was wanting some opinions on this Idea. Me and my friend have picked up 2 cobra from 2002. We are considering making two Cobra R Clones. Body modifications, interior will match 100%. The only diffenerce is we are using the 4.6 with with twin 68mm hellion turbo set up with a bunch of other little goodies. I talked to my tuner and he told me with the set up I want I can easily push 750 hp on this thing at 16 lbs of boost. So my question. Would this be frowned upon by the mustang community or would this be considered a great thing.
    1. Front Splitter (just the lip) not that whole bumper crap.
    2. Cobra R spoiler (OEM)
    3. Real Cobra R rims.
    4. Recaro Seats. (Perfect Custom Stitched Emblem).
    5. Brembo Brakes
    6. Rear Seat Delete
    7. Radio and A/C Delete
    8. A hellion 68mm twin turbo kit
    9. all the supporting mods.

    I just don't wanna build something thats going to be frowned upon. I will never try to pass it on as real. It will be what I think a Cobra R should be.
  2. I think it would be effing sweet. If that's the look you want, the performance would be respectable for sure, go for it. Mustangs are meant to be modified, that's why the aftermarket is packed with parts for them.
  3. Thanks for the opinon. I really want something that I feel would represent the Cobra R how it should have been. I want to dystroy corvettes and some bikes lol. Oh I also want to eat up all the rice I can. lol
  4. With a build like that you can do some real fun and impressive running. Should be a great representation of Mustangs and all Mustang kind. Make it sick and run its a$$ off.
  5. well its def no 6 banger un-like al the guys around me mockn cobras and saleens. Hate that :poo:
  6. I say its your car do what you want with it, not everyone should build the same dang thing imo. Now if you do a Cobra clone there are going to be a lot of upset Cobra owners, but again its your car do what you want. If its fast I respect it.
  7. Fck it, make it a v6 clone, then blow the nay sayers away
  8. love that response. However I have moved from the cobra R clone. I have found a deal on an 03 terminator 10th anniversary Editon.
  9. Even better...:grats:
  10. didnt know there was a cobra in 02... :shrug: do what you want and just have fun, thats the name of the game.
  11. i didnt think they made an 02 cobra?
  12. They did in Australia

    Only 100 cars....RHD