Cobra R hood 3" cowl

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  1. I am trying to find a hood that I can trade for. I have a cobra R hood with the 3" cowl. It is a bolt on. I am just tired of being pulled over every time I go through town. So if you have an after market hood that you want to trade let me know.

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  2. Sale Pending!
  3. let me know if it doesnt sell...where are you located?
  4. I will let you know if something happens. I am pretty sure it is sold. He has said the money is on it's way. I live in Va.
  5. email me if it doesnt sell and price shipped to 76544(ft hood tx) exact same color as my car lol
  6. hey i sent you the money order and it was cashed on the 29th. its been 5 days since ive heard from you. any word on when you will be shipping it to me?
  7. Computer has been down for a week and didn't have address. I had thrown the envelope away that the money order came in. Didn't expect the computer to be down. Hood is shipping Monday.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.