Cobra R - the real thing...came to my place for a visit

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  1. :D

    It's fun to have rich gearhead buddies. A friend of mine that has 2 SVO's, '93 Cobra, and a Lightning brought over his newest toy last nite.


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  2. Damn, that's awesome. I've only seen one, they are sweet.
  3. This is the real thing, # 33 of 300, rated by Ford at 385 hp w/ it's 32 valve 5.3 liter engine. Most dyno rwhp at around 425 hp however. It was quick, sorta like my LX :D . 6 speed, no rear seat, just a carpet cover over metal, turns and stops like a slot car.

    Interior gadgets? Yeah it has a fan control. :D

    Speedo starts at 40 which was cool.

    He's not going to race it, it's his retirement present to himself.

    Incredible is not a real good word choice for it. Has a whopping 3,800 miles on it, he's put 1,000 of those on it this last week. Some people. :nonono:

    I'd never even seen one before, much less ever expected to ride/play and have it pay homage to it's grandfather (my SVO :p ).

    Pretty cool evening.

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  4. So what's the big deal? My Civic is that color, has that same wing and front air dam, and will outrun him by 2 cars. :shrug:
  5. :jaw: A cobra R driven on Gravel!!!! hes gonna Scratch it!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    actually i am glad to see him driving it, thats what ford built em for. I didnt know about the 40mph speedo, thats pretty funny, i could use that on campus where the limit is 20. take some pics of the speedo, never seen one that starts that high. Hopefully he will drive it, but not wear it out. I hate to see them living in bubbles. Pretty badass car though.

  6. Now Doc it's pretty well packed gravel - don't dis' my drive - C'mon :nonono: Doesn't fling unless you're racing down it.

    I'll do that about the pic of the speedo, the distance from 0 - 40 is about the same as typed above.

    140's Bud (but isn't everybody) - yeah but yours is an import, this domestic car is the first I've ridden in that could actually almost compete w/ your quality rod.
  7. He couldn't show up LAST weekend.
  8. That garage you've got is HUGE! I bet you could get an echo when you first moved in and it was empty.

    Lord, please bless me with a garage like 140's. :D
  9. Dude thanks! God dotes on me! :hail2: Isn't He the best! Right now it's looking a little ravaged because for 3 weeks I've lived in it doing work on my SVO and then an emergency engine swap on my buddy Todd's 'vo (the red one inside).
  10. thats one badass looking car
    :drool: :hail2:
  11. all I can say is :drool:
  12. and that's only 2/3s of the garage
  13. And people say the spoiler on the srt-4 is big....

    just kidding. :D That cobra R looks nasty. PLEASE tell me you got a ride in it 140!
  14. hey actually tell me you've gotten to drive it and I'll be really impressed.

    Hey notched.... Nov 7 Is the Fall Nationals at the duck. I'll be heading and looking for some much better times.
  15. Heh, I wouldn't trust someone else with my Cobra R, especially not 140. :D

    Nov. 7th...actually I think I can make that. I'll keep in touch. (hopefully that damn stage 2 upgrade will be here by then too.)
  16. I love those things. they are soo much cooler looking in person IMO.

    there is a guy in my local car club, he has a 95 cobra R converted to his Dominate everything race car, then he has a 2000 R that he uses to Dominate the car shows and stock classes at road race events. then he has a 2003 ZO6 for a daily driver and a 04 ZO6 for a back up daily driver.

    the guy is kind of loaded.
  17. that is pretty rare, i take it you took this once in a life time opertunity to race him in your lx. You said you wanted preliminary *dyno* numbers ;) one sweeeet ride!
  18. Can you get him to dyno it completely stock?
  19. Hey look the svo is pulling wheels....lets see the "R" do that. ;)
  20. Nice! I love the '00 R's, there's a guy local to me who has one with a single turbo. :drool:

    351's a mod....when did that happen? :eek: