cobra r wing?

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  1. Hey i really want to get a 2000 cobra r wing for my car. unfortunatly im still in high school and dont have a credit card so i need my parents to order stuff online and then pay them. my parents dont want to order me the wing because of how big it is their afraid that it will create a huge blindspot in my rear window. i was just wonderin if someone who has a cobra r wing could take a pic looking through the rear window. if it helps my case then awesome, if not then i wont show my parents and keep buggin em. thanks

    also feel free to just post pics that you have of your cars w/ cobra r wings on em.
  2. I cant really help you, but if you do get one, dont get rear exhaust get side exhaust. Looks hella-tight
  3. get a checking account, then use yur checkcard to pay
  4. yeah thats the plan, im gonna get the spintech kit. ill definatly get the exhaust before the wing.

    as for the checkcard idea, ive thought about that but i dont know if i can open an account if im not 18 yet, my friend has one but his parents gave him the account.
  5. Hey man... i am in the same spot you are...high school...dont have credit card... i have a cobra r wing on my stang... it looks good.... there is a blind spot but it doesnt bother me that much...i ordered from and got it half what a ford one cost... and its exactly the same... just a tiny bit shorter thats it.... it still looks great.. heres a picture of mine see what you think...

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  6. thanks man looks good.mine is a 2000 and has no wing so i have to drill holes no matter what. ive seen that car domain site too damn that guys stang is sick. i was lookin to get it from cervinis because its on sale for like 240 i think and its not a huge difference from the ford one. if you have time take a picture lookin out the back window.
  7. thats a nice effin car
  8. its nice, but he fake badged it! come on guys this is getting out of hand
  9. I bet that guy makes a lot of money plowin snow in the winter time.
  10. U guys talking about the guy on cardomain with the police interceptor badges right? i thought it was pretty funny hes also got the siren and the alternating headlight flashers.
  11. No, the link 03 posted with the ricer mustang guy that has that huge ass Cobra R wing and Cobra badges.
  12. I think the cobra R wing looks badass..Im sure some people wouldn't say the same, but If you like It go for It...On that black cobra R replica you need It, but as you can see on crazystang's ride It still hit's the spot... :nice:

    here's a pic of mine If you need some more Idea's on how It's going to look....If your someone who don't like louvers then you may not like the way It looks...anyway, If you get It post some pic's. :flag:
  13. Nice man. i actually think that the louvers plus the wing looks pretty good. nice paintjob too thats pretty creative.
  14. I did like that guys car the ram air thing. You think that is really that helpful?
  15. I saw a cobra R wing on a brand new red mustang and it looked hella cool! That stang also had a black widow cobra body kit
  16. thats what mine is...but this summer i plan on getting the cobra splitter
  17. yeah im really trying to get the wing and side exhaust first...but after that :rolleyes: i think im gonna work on performance and sound. as for the splitter im still trying to figure out whether i like the R's better with or without it(just a normal cobra bumper). i think im leaning towards just gtting a ford racing one w/o the splitter but its a hard decision. if you havent seen an R w/o the splitter heres a pic
    Cobar R
  18. ?
  19. There might be some answers over in the ram air thread.