Cobra ran fast MPH, but slow time???

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  1. OK ,went to the track Fri. night. My cobra has a Vortec S trim, 12 lbs boost, Steeda LOWERINg springs, 3.73 gears, long tube + high flow cats,Edlebrock heads , 315x35x17 drag radials running 15 lbs of air, I could not get them to hook. 5 passes averaged 2.01 60 ft times, 13.6 in the 1/4 but at 109 MPH. Everone told me to heat -um -up. But with Hawk rear break pads, and Baer slotted roters, I could not do a burn out, (gotta get a line lock) I installed Strange adjustable front struts. I can't get the car to squat in the rear.
    Could it be the springs, that are for lowering the car?I have Mega-bite-jr lower control arms.
    Help... I guess I started off with a street car, and can't expect it to work at the drag strip. The weight of me and car is 3540, computer estimates I should run mid 12's
  2. The key to hooking at the track is practice. With out an intimate knowledge of the traction dynamics of your car all that power will just spin your wheels. Also, drag radials help, but they only can hold so much power and abuse. If you want to hook at the track you need drag springs, shocks and control arms as well as real slicks. With standard lowering springs you will have very high spring rates to firm up the ride and aide in handling on the street. You want the exact opposite at the track so that you will have optimal weight transfer to your rear wheels for traction. With street and dot legal radials, you are going to need to do a street start followed by really agresive shifting. the key is only giving the tires as much power as they will take. It is quite a balancing act on a high horsepower car with out slicks. And just so you feel better, when i run my 420whp beast with street tires I can only run low thirteens as well, though my mph is around 115mph! It does not help that I am running a stteda stage 3 suspension designed for road racing, not drag racing. With out real traction all that hp will go up in smoke.
  3. your mph is good your times should be better maybe a 13.1 and your 60ft is way off you should be 1.7 or 1.8 its your tires you need some slicks and some mods for traction control seems like you got lot of power but not thing to take advantige of it. control arms, line lock , and slicks and you will be ahppy with the times
  4. Heres an easy way to get the tires warm without line lock. Back into the water box, rev it up to 3500rpm and let'em go, then tap the brake or press lightly to stop you from going to far. Hope it helps. BTW wish my 60' was a 2.01 :nonono: damn $70 mastercraft tires
  5. If you've got that much power, try doing a burnout in 2nd gear instead of first. That works well if you're not great at powerbraking.
  6. What you need to do is heel and toe the brake and gas with your right foot. Dump the clutch in the upper rpms in 2nd gear and just hold it at about 4K til you see smoke.
  7. I would not do a burnout starting in 2nd gear. I did that once in my 83 z28 and it burned the clutch.

    start in first gear, dump the clutch and put you left foot on the brake. That should do you just fine.
  8. You more or less have to do it in 2nd or your tires aren't gonna spin fast enough. Heel and toe with your right foot is alot easier that jumping to the brake with your left.

  9. Second gear definatly produces a lot more smoke and the tires are spinning a lot faster. Check out these two pics from a video I made. One is in first gear and the other is in second gear. Big difference.

    First Gear


    Second Gear


  10. Your mph actually seems a bit low. I have a S-Trim at 10 PSI on a completely stock GT motor with the exception of 24 lb injectors. I also have full stock suspension and only run 3.55s. I run 108 mph traps and 13.1 ETs consistently. I even have similiar 60 foot times as you. I would get your car tuned.
  11. Welcome to my world..


  12. HEy chris how long have you had the turbo setup for? Just curious how long your block has been holding up with the turbo kit. I know I want to get about that much power out of my setup, with nitrous though, and I am still iffy about breaking the block (even though I have a main support). I mean I just spent like 6k on the motor and accessories I cant afford a new one for like years, plus I still have to pay this one off. Oh and with all that stock stuff how much boost are you running to get that 500rwhp. Its gotta be damn near 20 lbs. :p

  13. It says it in my sig ;) 14.5

    And I've been driving the car most of the summer, and previous to the kit the motor had 57K on it. All original, and so far showing no signs of stress... But that may change on the 3rd.. Goin to the track and lettin her nuts hang out because I want that 11.0..
  14. I agree 100%.

    That car will do a burnout. Dump it at around 4000 in second gear. And yes second gear burnouts are much better for heating the tires.
  15. Line-lock, $100. Replacing burned-up clutches in differential, $300. Not looking like an amateur while trying to do a decent burnout, priceless.

  16. How about 12.03@118 in a light-ass 89?

    Welcome to my world :bang:

  17. LOL. OK fawkers. 13.0 @ 116 with a missed shift (2nd). At Corral Day. My world.
  18. Yeah he has a stock cobra from intake to oil pan. How much money do you have in your H/C/I, he has none.
  19. Who?
  20. "Chris95SVT", 505RWHP, 120 mph traps.