Cobra ran fast MPH, but slow time???

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by tcmustang, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. I can only assume this is directed at me, although the point of it still escapes me. I didn't think this was a pissing match into what anyone had into their cars, I thought it was making a point of "high e.t.'s as compared to mph".
    Furthermore, I know what Chris has in his car, as I'm in the process of doing a Turbo 1995, and I've talked to him about his kit. I'm planning on the same set-up because of how impressed I am with his car.

    BUT, if we really wanted to get into the $$ thing, and to answer your question, for the car in question-
    I've got about $800 more into my whole car than he's got into his turbo kit.
    Nuff said? ;)

  2. I think a LOT has to do with selecting just the right rear end for your car. I have a 2.73 in my GT, and I run 15/14.9's, but at 97 MPH!!! The power is there, just the wrong gear!
  3. All I can manage in my Cobra is high 89 MPH's And Mid 14's...Still waiting on my line-lock though...have the nitto drags on now too so hopefully my next outing won't be as tractionless and maybe the ET will drop..but I still think my MPH shoulda been higher.
  4. Yeah, I would think alot higher. What's your track elevation. What was your 1/8 mile trap? Maybe just a little tune up is needed?

  5. I think there was some granny shifting involved also, I ran a 13.8 spinning 1st-4th with a 2.02 60ft and letting go of the gas about 300 feet before the finish (1st time down the track didn't know if i could stop) all on the hardest tires known to man (275/40/17 falken Xiex 502's). And I have maybe half of the mods you do.