Cobra Rear Bumper

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  1. I already have the 96'-98' Cobra Hood and Cobra Front Bumper. Now I want to get the 96'-98 Cobra Rear Bumper. Well, just the Clip. I want the one that says COBRA on it. What is a good place to looking that has good prices and quality? And I am painting the car Black so it looks like a real cobra.
  2. Cheapest I found a used one for was $265 from some yard in Texas. then I had to pay like $200 to have it repainted since it had deep scratches even though they assured me it was perfect. Looks much better now though and the uneducated don't have to question why my rear one says "Mustang" anymore. Mine's black too. It looks cool cause the "Cobra" Script is in bigger fatter lettering.
  3. :stick: Why do you want to put all these cobra parts on your car, whats so bad about driving a GT? :shrug:
    Cobra hood :nice:
    Cobra rims :nice:
    Cobra front end :nice:
    Cobra badges :notnice:
    Just my opinion; last time I checked, I was entitled to one. :flag:

    BTW, look in the classifieds here and on, I usually see good condition body parts for sale there.
  4. Yeah I cringe if I see a Fobra going to the extent of using Cobra Badging. :nonono: Didn't dawn on me.
  5. What is wrong with putting cobra parts on? People put Saleen parts (wings, bumpers) on their stangs. I have converted my stang to a fobra and love the looks. I never deny that it is just a Mustang but it has the sweet look of a cobra. You can't even tell that it is not a cobra unless you sit inside and look at the airbag and see that it has a horse on it. That and no motor badge.

    I like the looks of a Mustang but have invested too much in my drive train, paint, wheels, and motor to just go get a Cobra now. So, I just changed up, put new bumpers on and slicked a new sheet of paint on at the same time all for about $600 (did my own paint work). BTW, I got the bumpers on ebay, used of course.

    You know all a cobra is is a few upgrades anyway. Its not really that big of a deal. Now I laugh when I see an 87 LX with cobras on the side. That's funny!
  6. For one I bought my car with the 96'-98' Cobra Hood and Cobra Front Bumper. It also came with the Rims and badges. I have done all of the performance parts. I am not going to go back and change it all back the GT stuff. I love the way cobra's look. Sorry I am only 17 when I bought this car and insurance wouldn't let me have a real cobra. The GT and Cobra engine are basically the same anyway. I will make just as much power as a cobra went I am done. It's not like I am taking a V6 and doing this. I will be able to back up the Cobra name. Plus I wanted an automatic.
  7. Just adding a few things, cobras have different headlights, 13 inch rotors with cobra stamped on the brakes, "cobra" is also stamped on the master cylinder, and 94/95's have a different wing plus no third brake light in the decklid.

    They have different heads and cam.

    Sorry I am not trying to sound like a ass, but if someone asked you if it was real would you claim it a real one? Just keep the gt rear bumper it still looks mean as hell.
  8. Nik_92Stang - "Looks much better now though and the uneducated don't have to question why my rear one says "Mustang" anymore."

    You should be proud to own a 94-95 that simply says Mustang on the bumper. The best part is that it filters out all the boneheads that want to talk to you. They see "Mustang" and say "Is that a real Cobra? Its supposed to say Cobra right? Is it a V6?" You instantly realize they are stupid and there's no real use in talking with them. On the other side you can easily pick out and chat with the smart ones. Maybe I'm being to critical. I'm just going to leave my car's hood, front and rear bumper, wing, and lights all stock (minus clear corners, cheaper than Ford parts for broken one). It looks modified now a days. Nobody remembers what factory looks like.

    While I'm at it...

    My neighbor's kid (16 years old) just bought a 95 V6. Here is his list of "cool" stuff. Cobra front bumper, 96-98 Cobra hood, Cobra badges, Cobra grill emblem, cobra wing, and cobra across the windshield. Is it wrong to be pissed at someone that does that?
  9. I always claim to have a GT. I have never once said I have a real Cobra. I tell people that I have a Cobra body kit. I just wanted the COBRA rear bumper because everything else on the car is cobra. The only reason that I am doing any body work is because some mother****er hit my car and ran. I am not much into looks. I do love the way cobra's look but if my car would have came with all of the stock GT stuff. I would have left it on there. I still might go back to the GT look. I am proud of my GT. And it does piss me off sometimes when people put cobra stuff on a V6 or even a GT and then tell people its a cobra. I have to go to the body shop on Friday. From read these forums, I think I am going to go back the GT look. What should I put in the grill? The pony or a Grill. I think the Grill would look meaner but I don't want it to look cheap.
  10. And yes I know all of the diferences between the GT and Cobra engine. There is more than just heads and cams also.
  11. The only other difference in the motor would be the intake. Anyways I think your car looks good now, why are you changing it?
  12. Cobra's also have 24lb injectors. My car got smashed so I am going to get a new paint job. I just want everything to match. I either want all cobra or for it to look more like the GT. I am just going to change the badges back to the GT and do something with grill. I am painting the car black.
  13. i think the majority of people who put cobra and saleen parts on is for the looks. they want to stand out from the crowd and thats how i kind of am.

  14. thats wierd, most insurance companys charge the same for a gt or cobra, my insurance card says "gt/cobra" on it, and i have a 94 gt, they usually classify it as the same car.

    but for your bumper a good place with good quality an cheap prices is , i bought my cobra front bumper there, and for those wondering i didnt change my gt to a cobra i just got the front cause i love how it looks.
  15. My insurance said hell no on the cobra and also told me no a Z28. I don't have a very good driving record. Well, I am not looking for the bumper anymore. I am going back to the GT look. I am just taking off the badges and put the GT on and changing the grill to the pony. I dont want a fake snake.
  16. As a cobra owner, I don't like fauxbras, unless they can back up the look.

    If you put a cobra motor, suspension and brakes on to a GT or V6, it's all right. If you use a stock 5.0 with aluminum heads and an aftermarket, cobra or GT40 intake, it will pass for a modified cobra.

    If you use a stock 5.0 with stock heads and intake, that's not cool, just get a stalker body kit or something. If you use a stock V6, you are only fooling yourself.

    This kind of foolishness is what makes ricers think a civic is fast.

    There is no shame in owning a GT, a GT is bad @55, it's easy to make a GT as fast as any cobra, shouldn't that be the first priority?
  17. the Cobra look is good! I love it. Its stands out alot more.