cobra/stalker bodykit on a notch...Please Look

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  1. I know, I know, ... been asked, lots of hateraid. But hear me out. I have a notch with rust holes and a saline bodykit hiding them. Bodykit can't come off till I have a the money for new rockers and quarters. Cheaper and quicker, and maybe good looking, would be a stalker front bumper, and cobra sides and back. Round it out with either a 2.5 inch svo scoop cobra hood or cowl to make room for a 408 cobra replica motor. Already have gunmetal cobra rims. Kind of ties all together.

    Then maybe add a paint job like this? (TweekedGT, kind of borrowed your pic, hope you don't mind)

    What do you think? Please respond.
  2. I wouldn't put that many flames on it. I would make them a lot thinner looking and make them look like real fire.
  3. Don't forget, you will need GT beltline moldings, for the Cobra/Stalker kit to properly match up. I think it will look great, but I am partial to GT's/Cobras/Saleens anyway. Just factor in the extra cost of the beltline moldings, you should only need the door pieces, if you go with a complete Cobra/Stalker kit, but they are expensive, and I would not trust any sunbaked wavy molding out of a junkyard. .02 Good luck.
  4. I was looking at the cobra/lx kit tword the bottom of this page. The modings look like what I have. Are they not right?
  5. If you use the Cobra/LX kit the moldings will match up, it mounts the same as a Saleen kit. I kind of like that you can have a GT/Cobra front with a LX grill.
  6. That's Saleen. :nice:

    IMO, Notches look best with no ground effects or wings. A nice 2" cowl hood does it for me. Lean and mean and BLACK. :drool:
  7. I love the Stalker nose but i'm not a fan of any side skirts or anything else on a coupe.
  8. I think it looks pretty cool. I wouldn't want one of my own BUT I'd definitely dig it if I saw it :nice: Paint job is wild, and if that's what you want then that's a good rendition of it. More subtle is good too, if you want that. Wheels & wing can NOT be the same as in the pictures though :)
  9. Flames? I thought that was some kind of urban camo :rlaugh:
  10. Damn, the haters around here :nono::D. this is what it is going to look like. It looks better than that pic now but I don't have any good shots, hopefully heart transplant is done this week and then I'll get better pics. Still have the crappy rims on it though. Remember, it is supposed to be pretty much a pure drag car. I want to attract a lot of attention to it for my sponsors. It will still see limited street duty for now but I wanted something wild. I bought the car for $4000 with the body kit on and did not want to waste money putting it back to stock when i had an expensive engine build planned. Now that the vinyl is laid down the body kit is staying. Everybody that sees it in person loves it. It's just you damn notch purests :D.

  11. I hope you aren't referring to the body kit, it's not Saleen, it's a GT kit. But I wouldn't expect a moderator to know that.


  12. I miss spelled saleen in the original post. The kindly mod was correcting me.
  13. Ahh makes sense now... I knew she knew the difference between the two, she has the front bumper on her capri. Just have to keep everyone in check :D.
  14. Bump, any other thoughts?

    Have a notch with a bad saleen bodykit and cobra rims. Thinking about what I want to do. I'm between a cobra body kit and a saleen replica.

    If I do saleen I'd fix the front and sides, and replace the back bumper piece with the correct one. I also add the correct wing and windshield sticker. Thought about a custom saleen side graphic. Swap out the rims after converting to 5 lug.

    If I go cobra, I'd do the cobra bodykit, cobra/svo hood, and corba replica engine. Not sure about a cobra wing, would have to think about that one. Problem with a corba is there never was a notch cobra. People have always asked about what a notch cobra would look like, but I've never seen a pic. At least with saleen, saleen notches existed.

    I'm dropping a carbed 408 into it either way. I just want to spend more money on the drivetrain and less on the body. I do want it to look good rather than hear people say they threw up in their mouth. I just don't know if I want to spend $2000 to get quarters and rockers replaced. And that is just to primer. With bodykits I can do much of it myself.

    Give it to me, what do you guys think?
  15. If you go with the ABC kit I hope you have a good body guy lined up. fit on those are supposed to be horrible
  16. Fit of the one that is one there is kind-of bad. The Back bumper is horrible and not even an accurate design. Thanks for the tip.
  17. Found this pic earlier today.

  18. I am really digging that sans the wing
  19. That Calypso Green car looks like the Cobra moldings were applied OVER the LX beltline moldings! Specifically, the side skirts; the doors are LX, front fender and rear wheel moldings appear to be affixed over the original LX moldings?! WTF? Maybe it is just an optical illusion, but those are definitely LX door moldings, and they stand out, not in a good way. Anyway, I like the look of the green car, it could use a little tweaking, IMO.

    I would go for a Saleen kit, for your LX. Get a Cervini's or even the original Saleen kits are now available. If you like the body kit look, there is none better, IMO. I also prefer the 91-93 front airdams, which have a deeper, meaner look, more like the Stalker.