Cobra towed back to where I got it... :(

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kilgore Trout, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. The Cobra lost its coolant one hour ago. Seems to be near the battery or the fill cap for the coolant area...

    I had it flat bedded to the Ford dealer I bought it from 2 weeks ago and we will see what happens tomorrow :(

    Last Monday it went to the body shop. This Monday its going to the repair shop. Oh and the flat bed operator cracked the trim fasteners that hold the nose piece on when he pulled it on the truck. The trim fasteners that the body shop just installed :bang:

    This Cobra is not getting off to a very good start with me :notnice:
  2. I had the same problem with my cobra. Three outta the first four weeks I had it, it was in the shop. Then finally I ended up blowing the motor two weeks ago. Oh well...just gives me a reason to make it bigger, stronger, and faster.
  3. Well, my wife was not down with the purchase. Now she is all like; "I TOLD you so..."
  4. Would the body shop have had ANY reason to remove any of your coolant lines or radiator while it was being repaired? These 4v's, especially the Terminators are a BEEYOTCH to burp and get all the air out of the system. There is a very specific method to doing it and if there's even a little air left in the system the car will over heat.

  5. I am totally going after the body shop and progressive. I just called them and informed them that the front end collision or the body shop repairs messed up something on the cooling system...

    I am also trying to put the guilt trip on the dealer to fix it.

    Hopefully one or the other will cover it.

    I have absolutely no warranty.
  6. Ford dealer called, it is a stuck thermostat. They are going to replace it and top off the coolant. I do not think they are going to charge me since I just got the car.

    I am also having them re-balance the tires and check an issue with the top while they have it.
  7. Cool, glad to hear it was nothing major.

  8. dam at least its getting fixed.
  9. Got it back today at lunch, it seems to be fine. I will check for wrecker damage tonight.
  10. Check the tire tread depth while you're at it. ;)
  11. Oh, I will...
  12. Rubber under the wheel wells?

  13. I am not too worried about it, you cannot really do burnouts in a Cobra. WAY TOO MUCH WHEEL HOP :notnice:

    I need to take the blue pill :D
  14. Well.... depends on what tires you're running and the temperature of the pavement... I've also got a set of 10-way adjustable shocks which I purchased from HBH. They were specifically designed to combat wheel-hop on the 03/04. Crank 'em up nice and stiff and I can spin all day long without any wheel-hop. :D

  15. Hmmm, I did a couple burnouts on the crap tires the dealer bought for me and got massive wheel hop. After researching the wheel hop issue on SVTPerformance I am surprised I did not crack the diff cover...
  16. Takes more than an occasional wheel hop or two to bust the cover. What you need is one of these:


    P.S. Just a word of caution... SVTPerf ain't what it used to be... If you really want to learn the "tech" side of your Terminator without all the trolls, babies, wankers, ricers, Neon nerds, WRX butt-muchers, and major azzholes register and hang out here:
  17. Yeah, a billet flow IRS brace is high on my list. But first I gotta get the shifting smoother so the wife is comfortable driving it. SVTTech76 gave me a link on adjusting the cable and Dan Soprano made me a great deal on a shifter. I am ordering Fiore firewall adjuster and quadrant this weekend.
  18. What shifter is Dan hooking you up with?

  19. UPR Blue Thunder
  20. +1 on that sentiment.

    Hope it stays on the road more than the shop.
    Wifey in the ear, is not cool.