Cobra towed back to where I got it... :(

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  1. Glad to hear things are looking up.

    I feel your pain, and know how you feel to have your baby back. Two weeks after I bought my 99, the tranny died. Replaced it with a TKO600, and a month later, the #5 connecting rod shattered. Replaced the engine with an 03/04 Mach 1 crate motor. Along the way I had to replace the exhuast, the brakes, allmost all of the suspension is new. I think the sheet metal is still orginial though....anyway, enjoy yourself!
  2. How is the Steeda Triax? I have trouble with 3rd :nonono:, they advertise "never miss third again", any feedback?
  3. Get the MGW! Most people rate the available shifters as follows...

    1. MGW
    2. Pro 5.0
    3. TriAx

    Personally I run a Pro 5.0 with an MGW adjustable handle in my car and it works great. I have had the opportunity to drive a car with the MGW and I prefer it over the other two.

  4. If I had not gotten a free one I would have bought the MGW for sure. According to my extensive research on the subject the MGW is the best.
  5. I use the Pro 5.0

    I use the Pro 5.0. No complaints here. It is MILES beyond the stock shifter!
  6. MGW . their is nothing else that comes close, the shifter actually quiets down our noisy trans.

    K. T. Granted I have a coupe , and after destroying my rear dif. cover I put a JDM dif brace and their pinion snuber and that cured 99% of the wheel hop issue . But being that you have a Vert. you might want to also run some adj. rear shocks and that should make a big differance. If that is an 03 you might want to take a look at the diff. bushings (the ones at the front on the top and bottom of the ears)
  7. I hate that line. I'm starting to think they maybe snmarter then us because everytime i do something she doesn't want me to something happens. Maybe its not smarter then us its just they know our limitations and we don't seem to.
  8. Are you stating there's a difference in the stock bushings between the 03's & 04's?

  9. U.M. when the dealership's were selling the 03-04 I noticed the part #'s for the two years were differant.
    I had axcess to FMC and asked the svt dept. if they were differant and their responce was the 04 has a harder rubber composition.
  10. That's the first I've ever heard of that! You don't happen to have the different part numbers by chance do you?

  11. I know someone who would :D

    Randy Stinchcomb :flag:
  12. +1, First I have heard of this also......interested in the facts to follow....
  13. Sweet :hail2: I will pick up some of the other trinkets as well. Somethng else to just throw out there; I pinged the local Stang shop here in Tampa and asked them for advise on the best mid-pipe. Their claim is that every one locally is using a off road MAC pro-chamber - mine is due to arrive from Dallas Mustang Friday. I hope I made the right choice :D Anyway I hate to keep drilling you UM but you are in all of the forums and seem to be the guru :hail2: Is there a certain "power tube" I should use with the FIPK K & N setup? Where do I get it?
  14. I really hang out here mostly, but I do stop in at SVTPerf on occasion to watch the trolls and ricers. If I need high end terminator tech I'll go to ModularFords.

    The MAC Pro-Chamber will make some great power no doubt... but your neighbors will HATE YOU! That mid-pipe is LOUD! Do you have a handheld tuner yet so you can shut off the O2 sensors, or will you use MIL eliminators?

    You'll have to clarify exactly what you meant by "power tube". The K&N FIPK is a complete bolt on CAI. No other parts or supporting mods are required. If you're on a budget take a look at the JLT RAI, it's just as good as the K&N FIPK and it's a little cheaper to boot! :nice:

  15. Yeah I have the MIL eliminators coming with the pipe.

    Funny you say loud; I traded my red 98 GT for the snake but not before I put like $3K into it. I had full exhaust (MAC Long tubes, off road H, and MAC Cat back) man it was loud :eek: but I freakin loved it, great sound! The Cobra is too quiet (just Magnaflow cat-back right now) so I can't wait to wake up the neighbors!!

    No budget here man, it's just what the old lady catches me buying online! I will get the K&N.

    I was going to get a tuner but the local shop talked me out of it because they said they would prgram it for me when they did a "custom tune", I may buy it anyway because I've read it does other "stuff". I gues I would go with a Predator(?):shrug:
  16. Sounds like you've got everything covered. I'd recommend staying away from the Predator unless you got one for an absolute steal. The xCal2 from SCT is a bit better as far as what the folks who actually write custom tunes say. Now there's the SCT Livewire which looks to be a step ahead of their xCal2! If your tuner is going to give you a package deal on a handheld tuner + custom tune that would be the way to go. May I ask who you plan on going with for your tuning needs? Just curious is all...

  17. The place is called Coastal Chassis Dyno, I put a link to their web site below. They seem to know what they are talking about; I've heard they are good from other Stangers around town. The tune doesn't come with the predator module so I may pass on the Predator; I saw one on ebay that sold for $150. I will look up the SCT unit.

    Letting someone mess with the car reminds me of the first time I took my wife to the OBGYN with our first kid. It's hard to watch something you love get violated! :jaw: <-- May be an extreme example but it works!

    Let me know if you have heard anything about these guys.
  18. Sam @ Coastal is a well known tuner and you shouldn't have any concerns with letting them tune your car. Ask Coastal which tuner they prefer and then go with their recommendation since they will be the ones responsible for tuning your car.

    Although... if you live close enough, and the price is right, you may not need a handheld tuner. Just let Coastal make any and all changes necessary to the stock ECM calibration.

    Honestly my Predator has become just an expensive paper weight really. I used it some when I first got the car to make minor changes, and then I had James at RWTD build me a custom tune and email it to me. I used the Predator to upload the tune into my EEC and I've never looked back. Never needed to make any additional user adjustments to the tune since then. Only reason I'm keeping it is in case I add additional mods that require changes to the tune. Then I'll just have James generate me a new one and use the Predator simply as a means to get the tune from my email and into the cars EEC.

  19. Definately...I had my oilcooler replaced from the dealer and even they didn't know how to burp the system. 2miles down the road the car over heated. I researched it here on Stangnet and told the DEALERSHIP. They pretended to know and burp the system the way I described. Thanks guys at Stangnet! :nice: :nice:
  20. Nice to know I am in good hands down here :nice: I am potentially considering a new job offer in San Dieago, CA. So I may have to buy a programmer after all. I have to upgrade some stuff before I do the pulleys (brakes, CAI - current one is upgraded but it looks like a "home grown" one):rolleyes: . But when the time comes and I'm still in Tampa I know where to go. :D